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50 Tips for Free Publicity

DIY free publicity and PR can build your company's profile, help you rise to the top of the search engines, make you more credible, and help you become the go-to expert for national media. Use these self-promotion tips to get publicity in newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Learn how to work with bloggers & online journalists. Publicity expert Joan Stewart shows you how to launch & manage a PR campaign. Each tip links to The Publicity Hound blog and more do-it-yourself promotion advice.

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50 Tips for Free Publicity

50 Tips for Free Publicity

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Seasonal events that the media always cover are perfect opportunities for free publicity. Examples include the first day of winter, spring, summer and fall. When the time changes twice a year. Results of major surveys. Pop culture trends. Authors can use these opportunities to promote books. Consultants can generate publicity for their consulting services. Public speakers can comment on topics they teach in keynotes or workshops. #DIYpublicity #smallbizmarketing #mediapitches

How a top publicist’s strategy makes journalists say “yes”

Consultants, don't just market your consulting practice. Promote your expertise. Too many consultants focus too much on the tasks they do rather than what they know and what they do with that expertise such as help people solve problems. Refer to yourself as an expert everywhere online and offline. Create content that focuses on solutions to problems. #consulting #consultants #expertise

Radio publicity is yours if you're willing to call a talk radio show, join the conversation and you know how to use the call to your greatest advantage. You first must get past the call screener. To do that, summarize your comment quickly and succinctly. Practice what you're going to say before you call the station. #radiopublicity #talkradio #broadcastpublicity

Local libraries are great places to get publicity. They host #author talks and book signings, classes and workshops by experts, and other events patrons love. Libraries work their tails off promoting these events in local media like daily and weekly #newspapers, your local public access channel on TV, in event calendars, and through the community. #eventpr #eventpublicity

Promoting an event? Don't use text-only press releases. They're boring. Insert a video or images which will encourage people to share the press release. Beginners make 5 mistakes when doing event PR and promotion, and that's one of them. Know the other four mistakes so you don't make them. #eventPR #eventpromotion #eventpublicity

Inexpensive PR and publicity services can be found on Fiverr, the huge global marketplace where people offer their services and products starting at only $5. You can find people who will write press releases, your bio, website copy, sales copy and more. Find help with videos, podcasts and graphics work such as logos. A great place to find leads if you're selling, then offer upsells. #fiverr #cheapPR #salesleads

Share valuable content you have created---a blog post, a list, a video, a podcast---with bloggers who can spread the word to their audiences. That's what content marketer Nicole Kohler did when she wrote an updated list of Google resources. She knew I had written about it and emailed me a pitch that was so short and beautifully written, that I said yes immediately. I analyze her pitch and show what she did to catch my attention. #contentcreation #pitchablogger #Google

Follow TV news reporters, editors and producers on Twitter and other social media so you know what stories they think are important and if they're looking for sources like you to interview. You can also pitch them and offer yourself as a local source for a national story, called newsjacking. #tvnews #tvpublicity #mediaontwitter

Don't send the same pitch to multiple #journalists, bloggers and contacts. Media audiences are so segmented that your pitch can't possibly appeal to everyone. Research the person you're pitching. This blog post explains how. If you think they'd be interested in your idea, write a pitch that includes a few details to let them know you know about issues that are important to them and their followers. #pitchjournalists #publicitytips #prtips

Naming your website or company after your pet, and then tying your marketing to the pet, can result in publicity galore for your small business. Barbara Florio Graham's cat, Simon Teakettle, has been dubbed "the cat that owns the company," in an article in Business Week and on MSNBC. He has his own calendar, Facebook page and website. Simon has been featured in Business Week, on MSNBC and on the CBC/Radio-Canada. #pets #smallbiz #smallbizpr

Make your pet a celebrity to help promote your small business

DIY publicity, marketing and promotion are a lot easier when you don't have to keep typing the same things---like your bio and answers to frequently asked questions--over and over again. ShortKeys and Clipmate are inexpensive programs that let you "assign" just a few key strokes to entire paragraphs of type. Also use this as a shortcut for remembering website addresses, logins and passwords. #macrosoftware #macro #timesavingtips

Cause marketing means telling your story through someone else, or someone else's event. American Textile Company piggybacked onto a marathon sponsored by Team Red, White and Blue in Pittsburgh. It donates 25 cents from every pillow sold to the nonprofit. And it staged a successful media event that generated fabulous publicity in local newspapers, on radio and TV, and online. #causemarketing #freepublicity #specialeventpr

A media kit is a collection of marketing materials you'll need for the product, service, cause or issue you are promoting. A media kit is especially important if you have published a book because it makes it easy for a variety of audiences, like journalists, to report on it or promote it. Yet many authors are confused about what goes into the kit. If you've written more than one book, you should have one media kit for each book. #mediakit #bookmarketing

Free publicity ideas and examples are all over this board. You'll find publicity examples for newspapers, magazines, TV and radio as well as ideas on how to get known on social media sites or online news sites. Each pin leads back to The Publicity Hound's blog where you can read more about that idea. Have fun with free publicity. Come back here and share the coverage you've received. #freepublicity #publicitytips #publicityexamples #pr

50 Tips for Free Publicity
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    Hide A Heart MCatherine

    Thanks for all the tips. I ♥ the Publicity Hound Newsletter

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    Joan Stewart

    Glad you like the newsletter. Thanks for being one of my Publicity Hounds.

1. Google indexes your content shared in public Communities almost immediately. 2. Because Google’s new search algorithm favors it, content on Google+, including within Communities, dominates Google search more than other social network. 3. If you have created Google Authorship and linked your #Google+ profile to content you create, your avatar will often show up in search results and call attention to your content. This includes content shared in public #Google+Communities. #GooglePlus

How to Use Google+ Communities to Connect with Influential People

34 tips on how to save time and money on PR, publicity and social media are yours in this free ebook. The tips are the very best excerpted from the popular ezine, "The Publicity Hound's Tips of the Week." This year's ebook features a wide variety of free online tools to help the DIY promoter. You'll find tools for press releases, photos and graphic, media contact information, slogans and taglines, contacting #bloggers and #journalists, and more. #freepublicity #pr #publicity

Your #Google+ hovercard shows up in almost two dozen places online, and it lets you put your best foot forward--in only four lines of text. Instead of listing the college you attended, tell people how you help them. Instead of listing the name of your company, give your website address. I walk you step by step through the process of how I changed my #hovercard easily to make a great first impression. A better hovercard means more people will add you to their circles and read your content.

Create an impressive Google+ hovercard in 7 easy steps
  • Roxblog Roxblogger
    Roxblog Roxblogger

    Really nice tip! Thank you for sharing

If you're launching a book or introducing a new app, pitch bloggers who do product reviews. Cision has published its list of the Top 50 New Product Review Bloggers, a great starting point, and we've added three book reviewers, too. But don't just click on the name of a blog and start pitching. Do your research so you know your product is a perfect fit with their topic. These 7 tips that will help you pitch with confidence and get free publicity. #productreviews #bookreviews

How to Pitch the Top 50 ‘New Product Review’ Bloggers
  • Common Ground Game Products
    Common Ground Game Products

    The only board game in the world that also offers a FREE mobile app version and a daily online puzzle challenge. Common Ground - start finding it, today.

#YouTube is your very own TV channel that can bring you new traffic, new fans and new customers. But it’s hard staying on top of all the changes Google is making to the world’s No. 1 video site. Jeff Johnson’s brand new, “completely updated for 2014″ set of free Cheat Sheets for YouTube (I'm an affiliate) is hot off the press! He also created a new 2.0 version of the training video. It reveals the 15 quick, easy ways to grab more free traffic from YouTube. Limited time only! #videomarketing

Free cheat sheet: 15 ways to pull more YouTube traffic

Corporate and nonprofit sponsors partner with authors, speakers and experts because it cuts down on their PR costs, gets those organizations in front of new audiences, and injects your new ideas into their marketing plans. A corporate sponsor promotes you when you speak in front of large audiences on their behalf. That means they're paying for your PR. And because you have a big name behind you, the media are more inclined to interview you. #corporatesponsor #nonprofitsponsor

How to get a corporate sponsor, even in a rotten economy

The Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer tell you, within seconds, how well your headline or email subject line appeals to someone's emotions. This fun, free tool also assigns a percentage grade to your #headlines. Use it for blog posts, articles, your website, sales pages, pitches to #reporters, White Papers, and even the outside of envelopes on direct mail pieces. #writeheadlines #howtowriteheadlines

Write punchy headlines using this free, easy tool
  • Alisha Schultze (Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife)
    Alisha Schultze (Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife)

    These are great tips!! TFS!!

  • Joan Stewart
    Joan Stewart

    Alisha, readers of my newsletter loved this tip. It's one of the best 3 free tools I've discovered this year.

  • Jason Luntz
    Jason Luntz

    I came across the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer a while back but could never remember the link. Thank you for sharing this and all your other great tips.

  • Joan Stewart
    Joan Stewart

    So glad I was able to remind you of this fabulous tool, Jason. I love it.

Podcasting is one more way to generate publicity because you'll find a group of people who don't necessarily want to read your tips, or watch a video. They want to listen while commuting, working out or walking the dog. Podcasting is the same as creating your own radio show. But unlike traditional radio, it's far less expensive, and it can reach far more people because it's online. #podcast #podcasting #radio

Promote Your Podcast for Free Publicity 15 Ways

Newsjacking is a technique you can use when you don't have news of your own to share, but you want to generate free publicity by offering an angle or commentary on a breaking news story. An excellent example is the controversy in which schools throughout the U.S. sending "fat letters" to parents informing them of their children's Body Mass Index. #newsjack #newsjacking #publicity

Publicity op: Comment on schools sending ‘fat letters’

Every time you send an email promotion, or write an article, marketing copy or a blog post, refer to this list of The 14 Most Powerful, Effective Words in Marketing and Publicity. Jeanne Hopkins and Jamie Turner included them in their book Go Mobile. Whether they're used in press releases or article headlines, they make people pay attention, keep reading, click and maybe even buy. Please comment and tell me what other words you would add to this list. #copywriting #headlines #emailmarketing

The 14 most powerful words in marketing and publicity
  • Westcoast German News Blog
    Westcoast German News Blog

    Words like inspire, success, goals and dreams

  • Joan Stewart
    Joan Stewart

    These are all excellent! Thanks for sharing.

It's one of the most basic tools in your publicity toolbox, and people have been using it for decades to get free publicity in national and broadcast media. It's the tips list, or tip sheet. Example: "9 Ways to Convince Your Kids to Take a Nap." #Journalists love these tips lists, and the lists are perfect for sharing on social media. Content creation has never been easier. #PR pros, #publicists and DIY self-promoters can learn to create them correctly. #tipslist #tipsheet #contentmarketing

How tips lists can get you major stories in top-tier media