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    Ramen Nation

    A (very informal) Global Nation survey. What's the best place to get a bowl of ramen? Tell us where and why by following this board, creating a pin and sending it to us (click Send and then type in Public Radio International). Or tweet with #ramennation.

    Ramen Nation

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    Annette Carver Binerer throws in a vote from Lincoln.

    Amu Manu Ramen Bar

    Lynn Nakagawa writes: Another great ramen place is Jimbo's. Their noodles are made by hand at the restaurant every day and have an amazing texture, a little elastic and chewy. I normally take pictures of my meals, but the only pic I can find is of their cold noodle salad, which is wonderful on a hot day. Or any day.

    Jimbo Restaurant

    Haley Dale shares this image and writes: "So much to love - A tiny chef owned seafood restaurant with a Peruvian and Nikkei spin - delicious! Omaha has a brilliant culinary culture. The smart traveler no longer flies over - they stop for dinner!"

    Taita Restaurant

    Roy Arellano writes: "I've been living in Japan for the past three years and have been very fortunate to taste the best. I'm hesitant to believe that the ramen state-side can compete, but I hope it does cause I will miss Japanese Ramen. Best Ramen I've had? I have to say the ramen at Nidai-me Genkotsu-ya, which is located at the Ramen Museum in Yokohama Japan."

    新横浜ラーメン博物館 (Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum)

    Antell votes for the nagoya ramen at Yakitori yakyudori off Convoy Street. "You will not find it. Get someone who knows to take you."

    Yakyudori Yakitori & Ramen

    Brian Grace says Ramen Shop "is a must try in the Bay Area." The folks at Ramen Shop add: "And we have Oro de Calabaza on tap!"

    Ramen Shop

    Vote from Jeff Ravitz: Best local ramen in my neighborhood is Jinya Ramen in Studio City. Why? Flavor, noodle texture.

    Ramen Jinya

    Kirsten Salyer tweets her vote.

    Momofuku Noodle Bar

    Lynn Nakagawa votes for Yotekko-Ya, in a Honolulu shopping center.

    McCully Shopping Center

    Tara Ender Erson's vote: "We just returned from a trip to Japan, and are glad to know for sure that Monta is AWESOME."

    Monta Japanese Noodle House

    Ramen from the popular Tsujita Tokyo booth at the Ramen Yokocha 2014 festival in Los Angeles. From Monica Campbell's story about learning to slurp with the masters.

    Santa Anita Park

    Global Nation editor Monica Campbell's pick: "Great broth/egg/roasted pork, not too heavy."

    Men Oh Tokushima Ramen

    Brendan Liszanckie ‏tweets his pick and a photo of delicious ramen: "Pork buns, then salmon roll. Now on to the ramen at Miyake! Great food!"


    Evan Wexler makes his pin via Twitter: "How is Totto Ramen not on there yet? It's the platonic form of Ramen. This is a great idea, btw."

    Totto Ramen

    Bradley Campbell writes: "My vote for best ramen shop in the US? Yume Wo Katare in Cambridge, MA. (Look for the long line out the door.)"

    Yume wo Katare

    Christine Chiao writes: "I lean on Santouka - quick, good, not too heavy. Tsujita LA for days I don't plan to eat much else."

    Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle

    Bryan Hartzheim chooses めとき Metoki in Tokyo. He writes: "I have a different favorite bowl everyday! But this place comes pretty damn close."

    新大久保駅 (Shin-Ōkubo Sta.)

    Saili S. Kulkarni's pick. She writes: "I like the perfumed eggs that come with ramen here."

    Umami Ramen & Dumpling Bar

    Chris Nettles writes: "It is a very authentic Sapporo-style ramen noodle house. The place has a great vibe and the spice bomb (to spice up your dish) is mind-blowing!"


    Vanessa Hua writes: "One night the server came down the line and said 'only ten bowls left' -- we were the last lucky ones. The people behind us glumly said, 'I guess we can go to Fresh Choice' -- which seems like no choice at all! I like it too because it's in a suburban strip mall. Not all great ethnic food are in cities."

    Santa Ramen

    Ralph Litzinger sent this photo and writes: "It's a kind of high end butcher here in Durham; all their meats are 'local' and they do all the butchering on site. They this use their own freshly slaughtered pork back and they only make the ramen on Wednesdays until it runs out. I like it in large part because it is served up in an unlikely place."

    Rose's Meat Market and Sweet Shop

    Shefali Kulkarni writes: "This popular ramen spot in Washington, D.C. has some amazingly spicy ramen. I used to go there when I was warding off a cold and the spicy broth would always clear me up. Randomly, they also made amazing mushroom dumplings."


    Vincent Lim writes: "I think the best place to get ramen in LA is Daikokuya, but I haven't tried Tsujita yet. It's always a long wait to get in, but the tasty ramen broth is worth it."


    Katie Coats writes: "Tiger Den opened up back in November. 1st place in Houston dedicated to ramen and yakitori. (It's great)"

    Tiger Den

    I know Los Angeles has tons of great places to eat ramen, and new ones opening everyday. But Santouka is my joint. Order the special pork and have an awesome, hits-the-spot lunch. Public Radio International