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Behold the ultimate tree house! What: The Patient Gardener project using ten Japanese cherry trees Where: School campus in Milan, Italy Who: Designed by Swedish architects Visiondivision Why: A two-story treehouse study retreat for students. The vision: a

This tree doesn’t care about gravity…

This tree doesn’t care about gravity…

The Rolling Coconut Tree at Chole Island (Mafia), southern circuit of Tanzania (part of the Spice Islands). This is a cool looking coconut tree!


Tree cold atmosphere in Montclair, New Jersey >looks like a piece of art!

gorgeous tree trunk


Autumn Twist by Robert Friel What a beautiful display of fall. Leaves of all colors and a neat twist of life in Autumn.

Top 10 Tree Tunnels in the World, seen here - a tunnel of 150 beech trees around 300 years old, Northern Ireland

Top 10 Beautiful Tree Tunnels of the World

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland -Tucked away in the county of Antrim, these beautiful beech trees are thought to be around 300 years old.

Weird tree

scary tree weird tree funny plant images pictures bajiroo photo gallery 1 Most Funny Trees on Earth You Never Seen Before Pictures)

what a perfect place

LOVE THIS: Wisteria Tree. Planting one now. Just stake your Wisteria & keep it pruned back each year. The vine will eventually grow into a tree. I'd estimate this Wisteria tree to be over 20 years old.

The tree is called the Methuselah Tree, and it is the oldest living thing that we know about. It is a type of pine tree that grows in the White Mountains of Inyo County California. The oldest tree dates back to the year 2832 BC, making it 4843 years old, and its location remains undisclosed to protect it from vandalism!     The tree was discovered in 1957 by Edmund Schulman and Tom Harlan, and has since been the marvel of scientists around the world.

mothernaturenetwork: “ At years old, this ancient bristlecone pine is the oldest known non-clonal organism on Earth. Located in the White Mountains of California, in Inyo National Forest, Methuselah’s exact location is kept a close secret in.


This ancient Japanese Maple was in the final days of a glorious and fiery display - William Carr

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