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    Pullip Style
    Pullip Style
    Pullip Style

    Pullip Style

    U.S. seller of Pullip, Dal, Taeyang, and other Groove products!

    O-817 - Oct 2013 Happiness Chiffon Dress OUTFIT Set $32.95 outfit set

    RE-817 July 2012 - Pullip Regeneration Paja - $119.95

    J-Doll Karl Johans Gate $95: - The most pale skin on any J-Doll ever!! - Emerald Green eyes and orange lips eventuates her fair skin - Gorgeous dress with plenty of lace

    J-Doll Via Appia $95: - Stylish style that is fearless and elegant at the same time - Her Black curled hair and sharp eye makeup give a cool impression - Sexy lace-up long boots and fishnet tights

    J-Doll Stephen Avenue Walk $95: A street in Calgary, Canada, Known as Calgary’s Shopping heaven, There is a street with retail stores that covers 5 blocks. Located at the foot of the Canadian Rockies, it’s surrounded by beautiful nature.

    J-Doll Piazza Cavalli $95: - Jacket in the 2011 trendy color, Pumpkin Red (Vivid Orange) - Clean and gorgeous makeup base. - Pink lip color with a hint of pearls and blue tone makeup compliment her skin tone

    J-Doll Aiguo East Road $95 - Pure White Wedding dress appropriate for June Wedding and a remarkable serene look. - Dress with a beautiful silhouette and line.

    J-Doll Nerudova ulice $95 A charming street in Prague named after the 19th century Czech writer and poet, Jan Neruda. A street with many houses built in the medieval style. Famous for the various house signs on the buildings still standing today.

    Dal Chibi Risa Rock version $114.95 - Make-up, hair and entire outfit has been designed by Ms. Risa Hirako - Cool-Looking Vintage Rock Style - T-Shirt is designed by Risa Hirako exclusively for her original brand, Three Unicorns that has been re-sized for DAL!! - With plenty of fashion accessories, you can dress her in different styles. - A mole beside her eye and sexy lips... she's truly mini-Risa!! - Collaboration with the NO.1 Fashion Magazine 『SWEET』(at Japan Market).

    Pullip Clarity $89.95 - April Pullip loves shopping very much. She is a celeb well-off girl! - April Pullip comes with elegant hat and blouse. - She has firm eyebrows and her blond hair is so sexy!! - Her skirt and see-through shorts and so neat and beautiful!! - She has a beautiful blouse to appeal her beautiful body shape.

    Taeyang Sebastian $140: Taeyang is based off the character Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) a manga written and illustrated by Yana Toboso.

    Pullip Nella ALICE and the PIRATES $114.95 ・The doll produced by fashion magazine, ''Gothic & Lolita Bible'' has finally arrived. ・Based on the concept, ''Gothic & Lolita, travel on the galactic railroad''. ・Manga Artist, Mitsukazu Mitsuhara drew and designed JOHAN(Isul) clothes, and the clothes NELLA(Pullip) is wearing are from a popular lolita apparel brand 'BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT'''s sister brand designed by 'ALICE and the PIRATES''!!!!

    Pullip Adsiltia H.NAOTO $108 Darkness and Brilliance!!! There is a harmony of brilliance and darkness which is attracting myself. I am listening the sound of the "ebony" falling rain with my memory of groggy slumber .... Feel like so.

    Dal Angry H.NAOTO $100 Angry is a fashion collaboration release with fashion designer h.Naoto.

    Dal Hangry H.NAOTO $100 Hangry is a fashion collaboration release with fashion designer h.Naoto. Hangry is wearing the same dress design as one of the full size outfits that were released for their clothing catalog.

    Taeyang Horizon H.NAOTO $105 Horizon is a fashion collaboration release with fashion designer h.Naoto "Frill" line. Horizon is wearing the same clothing design as one of the full size outfits that were released for their clothing catalog.

    Dal Joujou ANGELIC PRETTY $114.95 - The anticipated 2nd series, following the popular 1st series from August, 2009 - Perfectly portrays Angelic Pretty’s Charm - An outfit from Dreamy Dollhouse - Pastel Pink and Peppermint Green brings out the sweetness - Adorable large pigtails in a bun and pink cheeks❤ - Her large bunny bag is a statement piece

    Pullip Prupate ANGELIC PRETTY $114.95 - The Anticipated 2nd series, following the popular 1st series from August 2009 - Perfectly portrays Angelic Pretty’s Charm - An honest recreation of Star Night Theater coordination in Pullip’s size - New kind of outfit centered around a vivid red dress - Notice the unique pigtails with mixed hair - Mystical glittery, purple Eyes❤

    Byul Sucre ANGELIC PRETTY $114.95 - The Anticipated 2nd series, following the popular 1st series - Perfectly portrays Angelic Pretty’s Charm -Her sugary, carnival sleeveless dress, matches well with lavender - Her two colored hair curls is a never done before style ★ - Her large magical pony bag is a statement piece

    Byul Cocotte ANGELIC PRETTY $98 - Cocotte invites you the toyland! - KAWAII frilled dress with long sleeves. - The pattern and motif is merry-go-around. Many animals with bear, pony, rabbit and elephant. - White lace panier white drawers under the gathered skirt. - Pink ankle strap shoes, and white-pink border knee high socks. - Lovely light purple curly hair and bangs. Like Angel! - You can see KAWAII accessories. - Check ! Round going out bag. - Blue eyes with pink eye shadow.

    Taeyang Kain HELLCATPUNKS $98 - 'HELLCATPUNKS' is reproduced through TAEYANG - Jacket/Hoodie features three different materials w/zipper

    Pullip Aya $92 - The gorgeous puffed up ageha-style hair with tiara are detachable hair extensions. - Go from Ball Gown to Cocktail dress, by removing Pullip's over skirt. - When the cover skirt is detached, it transforms into a cocktail dress with lace stockings and garters. - Pullip's eye make up is Pearl and white.

    Pullip Elisabeth $114.95 Pullip Elisabeth has long shiny golden hair, gorgeous gothic style dress, removable fangs and ruby red cat style eyes!!

    Pullip Naomi $120 My Singing Voice tears up the light! Do you hear my Soul calling out the sound that unites fusion + light?... Feel Like so.

    Pullip Ala $84 I fly toward the light. It's like...Opening a door to Heaven, I might find a mysterious paradise.

    Pullip Romantic Alice $114.95 - Unlike last year’s ‘’Lunatic Alice’’ and its dark and mad image, this year’s design is characterized by its gentle, honest and romantic details that will surely capture the hearts of doll fans. - Also this year is the 140th anniversary of the release of the book, ‘’Through the Looking-Glass, What Alice Found There’’ published in 1871. This ‘’Romantic Alice’’ is positioned as the 140th Anniversary Special Model.

    Pullip Kaela $120 - February Pullip is a mannish master detective! - Also February Pullip has new improved body structure! - Now my speculation begins! February detective Pullip has cute hairstyle with mixed purple color!

    Pullip Melissa $92 - Daring Sexy police Style Design - Same Concept as Sexy Police costume style of DAL (release June, 2010) - Remove Jacket to feature, Corset, Top and Short Pant - Open Pout - Cool Blue Eyes and Blonde Curly Hair

    Pullip Bloody Red Hood $119.95 - Long bloody red hair, crème colored apron and skirt, velvet red hood. Little Red Riding Hood who became a little older and stronger. - When the sun is strong, even the wolf will run to hide under her apron skirt. - If the apron and skirt is removed, a mini underdress with lace appears exposing her different side. - Red wine bottle with the wolf motif exhibits the famous detailed work of the creator.

    Pullip Lunatic Queen $114.95 - Victorian- Gothic Style - Her gorgeous dress is removable and if the outer skirt and crinoline are remove, it becomes a miniskirt. - Her eyes are unique and shaped like a heart! - Her vivid bordeau colored hair is tied into two buns that resemble horns; they are striking.

    Pullip Sfoglia ANGELIC PRETTY $108 The princess in picture book I dreamed in my childhood. With these lace, ruffle and fluffy ribbon... Can I come to look like her?... Feel Like so - The bonnet is Sfoglia's favorite. - KAWAII frilled dress with long sleeves - White lace panier white drawers under the gathered skirt - Pink ankle strap shoes with tiny ribbon on toe, pink knee high socks with lace - Tiny lovely teeth peeps from open smile mouth - Pink eyes with pink eye shadow

    Dal Phoebe HELLCATPUNKS $100 HEY, BOY!! You want a piece of me, huh? Bring it on! I can take it... cause I'm a Star!!

    Dal Clair INNOCENT WORLD $112 Sweet Chocolate & Apple Pie... I take to my Darling... No loitering on the way!!

    Byul Hermine INNOCENT WORLD $112 Hypnotic Afternoon Tea Party… Bon Bon’s cello wrapping is brightening things up… Looking like sparking jewels.

    Pullip Chelsea HELLCATPUNKS $129.95My style is PUNK, at every whim, every time! I'll scratch like a kitty, in your heart, when I'm in rotten mood... Feel Like So.

    J-Doll Loosterweg Noord $95: In South Holland, Lisse, the Netherlands, Keukenhof road leading to the park. On both sides of the road tulips and hyacinths in spring, And narcissus bloom, the flower parade held annually.

    J-Doll Artemis $95 - A total coordinated bonnet, one-piece dress, coat, drawers and bag with laces used! - A big sized ribbon around the neck of the coat is also a charming point. - Impression leaving purple colored hair color matches the white one-piece dress.

    J-Doll Rua Garrett $95: Rua Garrett is a street in the center of the Portuguese capital Lisbon. Fernando Pessoa sat down to write and talk with friends at the Café A Brasileira. - Shiny Royal Blue Dress use a subdued color of the adult. - Floral motifs elegantly decorated on the dress are lovely. - A voluminous vertical roll Hair Style

    J-Doll Picasso St. West $74.95: She wears a colorful peasant-inspired outfit that is trimmed with ribbon and lace, and blue and green shoes. Included inside the box is a doll stand for display.

    J-Doll Mariya Luiza $74.95: She wears an outfit that is reminiscent of a Bulgarian costume. It has black and white check with black trimmed with red, and white lace. Included inside the box is a doll stand for display.