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A Whole New House: Garden and Yard: Chickens

Bock bock BOCK bock bock!

A Whole New House: Garden and Yard: Chickens

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Emptying a few cans of corn into a muffin tray, adding water & then freezing it is a very small act of kindness. But on hot days, it means the world to the chickens that live here. Pecking away at an ice block to finally be rewarded with a cold corn kernel is a great way to help them keep cool .


Old ladders serve as a roost for the chicken coop. Manure box underneath.

Charcoal For Chickens

Charcoal and chickens | Earthwise Gardening

DIY: Chicken Run Ladder- Refurbish an old rickety ladder into fun for the flock!

Tilly's Nest: DIY: Chicken Run Ladder

Use wall brackets to hang feeder/waterer.

Wichita Cabin Coop

Use fake eggs not just to comfort broody hens, but also to train hens to lay eggs in their nesting boxes.

How to Get Your Chickens to Lay in ALL Their Nest Boxes

Ramp attached with eye bolts for easy removal for cleaning.

Wichita Cabin Coop

Chicken standing on brick in water to cool off!

Chicken solarium attached to chicken coop with sand to radiate heat back into the house in winter I am thinking making this a greenhouse

2 acre farm: Project 1: The mini greenhouses.

This is my chicken water feeder that I made that keeps the water fresh without making a mess and keeps the flies out.

Make a big chicken scooper! … Chicken Coop Bedding: Sand, the Litter Superstar

Chicken Coop Bedding: Sand, the Litter Superstar

Stealth Survival: Prepping Projects - Temporary Chicken Coop lattice keeps predators from digging in

Stealth Survival : Prepping Projects - Temporary Chicken Coop

How to Train Chickens to be Picked Up, Come when Called - The Homestead Survival Homesteading Animals

How to Rid your Chicken Coop of Flies.

How to Rid your Chicken Coop of Flies | ImaginAcres

Plants chickens love to eat: For extra happy free range chickens, grow some of these for your flock to forage and feast on!

Plants chickens like to eat

Inexpesive, Portable, Quick Garden Fencing | Whistle Pig Hollow

Inexpesive, Portable, Quick Garden Fencing | Whistle Pig Hollow

raised garden bed on top of the chicken coop

Kippenhouse's Chicken Coop

translucent roof on this chicken coop

Texas Chicken Coop - Garden Coop Plans ::: Coop Thoughts Blog

Coop Training Chickens- Teaching chickens to return to the coop at night voluntarily. Great blog and lots of info on chickens.

Coop Training Chickens to Roost & Use Nest Boxes

how to encourage or discourage a broody hen

Encouraging or Discouraging Broodiness in Your Hens

Coated metal closet shelves make excellent ladders and play structures for chickens.

My farm life | My Destiny Sharing Hope

Whitewashing for inside chicken house. "Classic lime whitewash disinfects, repels insects, and preserves by sealing surfaces and wicking up water. It dries to an opaque white that beautifully reflects light to brighten up dim spaces."

the best instructions for a DIY PVC automatic chicken feeder--comes with a tutorial to make a flag that will signal when you need to add more food

DIY PVC Chicken Feeder - Preparing for shtf

great list of free and inexpensive DIY chicken toys

automatic chicken feeder in a 5-gallon bucket