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tie dye mandala tutorial #tiedye #make #crafty

Shibori DIY

Cool STEAM/STEM art and math lessons for teaching older kids. Fun!

WeAreTeachers: Making Mandalas: the Ultimate Art-Math-Meditation Combo

Much more complex for upper grades or kids who need a challenge- Geometry Unit and Symmetry Activity

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The study of geometry in 6th grade with Ms. Walker--the dissection of a circle into 12 or 24 sections.

Summerfield Waldorf School & Farm: Home

you clever monkeyfrom you clever monkey

2D Shape Pattern Block Challenge Cards

Easy to read, free printable 2D Shape challenge cards - perfect for use with wooden pattern blocks | you clever monkey

you clever monkey: 2D Shape Pattern Block Challenge Cards

how to make symmetrical spiral images using graph paper and line segments


Measure the angles of a doorway.

Angles, Triangles, and the Start of Geometry in 6th Grade Math!

Encouraging Moms at Homefrom Encouraging Moms at Home

Teaching Area, Perimeter, and Volume with Minecraft

Use Minecraft to practice calculating area, perimeter, and volume.

Teaching Area, Perimeter, and Volume with Minecraft Homeschool Encouragement

Use Geomags or Zometools to build the geometric solids.

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Archimedean Solids – Fold Up Patterns | The Geometry Code:Universal Symbolic Mirrors of Natural Laws Within Us

Archimedean Solids – Fold Up Patterns

TesselManiac! is a software program that lets you create tesselations

TesselManiac! A new program for creating Escher-like tessellations.

using a fun little sheet to get the kids practicing using a protractor

Teaching in Room 6

DIY measurement book--use it to model area

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: Poetry, Measurement Olympics, and the Zoo!

geometric designs formed inside an octagon--it would be cool to do this inside many-sided shapes, and see the different designs that are possible.

Geometric Designs in Grade Five

Babble Dabble Dofrom Babble Dabble Do

Engineering for Kids: Straw Geodesic Dome & Sphere

Make a geodesic dome and sphere out of straws and pipe cleaners.

Engineering for Kids: Straw Geodesic Dome & Sphere - Babble Dabble Do

thenumbertwentyonefrom thenumbertwentyone

Angle Relationships

Use Knex to study angle relationships.

Angle Relationships

Perimeter Area Song - YouTube For FOURTH grade. Activity: sing along with the song. Lead Topic: define area, and perimeter.

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Parallel Perpendicular art.

love2learn2day: Parallel & Perpendicular Art

YouTube 4th grade video review of edges, faces, and vertices

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Using a protractor in a real world situation. Find the planet using the protractor to point the telescope. Gives the student a real feel for how big an angle really is.

Math Games for Kids . Cyberchase | PBS KIDS

Exploring Area and Volume With Minecraft

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LOVE this!! I think the kids will to and help them represent 3D shapes for maths at the same time

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Learning Liftofffrom Learning Liftoff

3rd Grade Math Learning Activity: Practice Calculating Volume

Use this math tool to practice calculating the volume of a cube. What would the height need to be to make this statement true?

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Filling the Frame with Learning great 5th grade website. She has math and science ideas galore. This is an example of a volume experiment.

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Experiment with Musical Water Glasses, and integrate music, math and science!

How to Make Music with Water Glasses | Connections Academy