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Homeschool Science: Entomology

Homeschool Science: Entomology

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Caterpillar Nomenclature Cards - 13 Parts of the Caterpillar in 3-Part Cards, includes Black-Line Master.

Make a ladybug home | Homemade Bug/Bee Houses

how to make a butterfly feeder

How to Make Butterfly Nectar

details and illustrations of the insect orders

How to Make an Awesome Insect Collection online 4-H book

spring and summer butterfly exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo

Have the kiddos get some compass practice by drawing a circle on a nice piece of artist's paper, then have them partition the circle, draw and label the stages of the life cycle, and add arrows.

time lapse video of a black swallowtail butterfly coming out of its chrysalis

Peterson Field Guide coloring book

worksheet to illustrate the butterfly's life cycle

butterfly life cycle wheel template

flip book for the life cycle of the butterfly

life cycle of the butterfly observation journal

butterfly life cycle flash cards

online store that stocks common milkweed

educator resources for the Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History

illustration of the monarch's life cycle

how to make wind-up paper butterflies

online crowd-sourced insect encyclopedia

monarch printables, activities, and resources

Make a recycled bug barn from a brie container and window screening.

dragonfly anatomy

External Anatomy | Arizona Dragonflies

how to build an insect house

BBC - Breathing Places - Make a bug home

insect cards for kids to color

how to make a killing jar--calls for peanut butter jar, blotter paper, tissue paper, and nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol