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fruit carving!

Cruise the Pacific: Fruit Carving - Fantastic!

apple carving | fruit+garnish+kiwi+and+red+apple+carving_garnishfood.JPG

Fruit Carving Arrangements and Food Garnishes: Birthday Fruit Display For 10 Years' Girl With Pet Parrot Birds


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Valentines Day allows our work environments, schools and homes to be overflowing with lots of candy, cookies, sweets, and all around unhealthy snacks. Yes, everything is OK in moderation but why not make a delcious AND healthy treat? Something like Valentines Day Heart-Kebabs could be a great option. What types of goodies will you be making on Thursday? ♥

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Cut out and decorate an elephant

Early Years Experience -

Watermelon "cake"

Fresh Fruit and Watermelon Cake

Mario Fire Flower Appetizers and Spicy Veggie Dip!

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Ideas para fiestas con BLONDAS | Tarjetas Imprimibles

Ideas para fiestas con BLONDAS

Blondas - Paraguitas para decoración de mesa dulce

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Make Ruffled Ice Cream Cone Decorations

Blog Archive » Make Ruffled Ice Cream Cone Decorations

Reciclar para sus fiestas fuente de dulces

Home-Dzine - Candy stand using repurposed plastic bottles

Mesas dulces

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Happy Diwali- Diyas (veggie clay lamps) on sticks !!

Little Food Junction: Happy Diwali

Birthday bouquet

Birthday - Sweet Celebrations by Stacey

How to Make Apple Roses Beautiful and Delicious By Manuela

Apple Roses By Manuela

Un sapin #apéritif pour #Noël ! Vous aurez besoin de deux pâtes feuilletées et de la garniture de votre choix ! Un sapin qui peut aussi être utilisé en dessert avec une garniture au #chocolat par exemple...

Le sapin feuilleté - La faim des Bananes

Serving vegetables

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...What a great centerpiece for a summer party!

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This is an owl carved out of a red apple!

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(1) theme - Beautifully decorated fruit plates | TASTY go!


pomerainean from food , freaky oddity food sculpture art photo , I would love to meet the people that look at a cabbage and come up with that as a thought , what a mind to explore . cabbage dog #provestra

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Vegetable carving

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Parentsfrom Parents

Play with Your Food

fruit flowers

Play with Your Food

pineapple grapes

Crafts by Esther O | Crafts by Esther O