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    ELISABETH DE VALOIS queen of Spain Les Derniers Valois

    Queen of Spain princess of France French

    ELISABETH DE VALOIS queen of Spain Les Derniers Valois

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    MIDNIGHT TIARA: 31 flower buds with over 1,300 small diamond brilliants and polished moonstones set in a structure of leaves and branches engraved in rose and white gold with black oxidized silver. The colors and light and shading effects replicate a starry moonlit sky at midnight. Designed by Charlotte Lynggaard of the Ole Lynggaard firm, a jeweler to the Danish royal court, it was handmade by goldsmiths in the company’s studio. Worn only by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

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    Portrait d'Elisabeth de France, reine d'Espagne. ANONYME FRANCAIS XVIè s. Ecole française

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    Elisabeth Valois queen of Spain DATE 1568 CARCANET girdle is the jeweled band that accents the vee-waistline created by her pointed bodice, the V shaped girdle is a particularly Spanish type of ornament

    ca. 1568 Elisabeth de Valois by Anthonis Mor (Louvre?) girdle | Grand Ladies

    Bodice jewels and the large vertical slashes shown in Mor's portrait of Isabel Valois of about 1568. Her EMRALD CROSS is prominent, but the pearl quartets, embroidery, and rich under-garment are also of interest. So are the tabbed sleeves.

    ca. 1568 Elisabeth de Valois by Anthonis Mor (Louvre?) jewels | Grand Ladies

    Elisabeth of Valois (detail), Juan Pantoja de la Cruz, 1605

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    ISABEL ELISABETH DE VALOIS, portrait by Sofonisba Anguissola, ca 1599, , better ? photo of the portrait from KHM Vienna.3rd wife of king Philip II of Spain

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    ELISABETH ISABEL DE VALOIS ?. MUSEUM DATA: Francois Clouet, 1559, location: BNF France. 3rd wife of King Philip II of Spain. Portrait executed at French court, not in Spain. Oldest daughter of King Henri II of France and Catherine de Médicis. Owner BNF states it is the image of Elisabeth, but the the blue eyes lead me to wonder if this is a picture of her sister Claude de France duchesse de Lorraine instead.

    BnF - Dessins de la Renaissance

    Elisabeth de Valois, Queen of Spain ARTIST Circle of François Clouet (Tours c.1516 – Paris 1572) PROVENANCE National Trust Inventory Number 21093 Category Paintings Date 1500 - 1599

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    Elisabeth Isabel de Valois, queen of Spain PROVENANCE Antonis Mor location Fitzwilliam Museum, ca 1560. This is a likely copy of the portrait currently in Madrid Was this done for and owned by Mary queen of Scots, her childhood friend ?

    BBC - Your Paintings - Elisabeth of Valois

    Elizabeth of France, Daughter of Henri II by Francois Clouet, married king Philip II of Spain

    CLOUET François | I AM A CHILD

    ELISABETH DE VALOIS (1545-1568) - eldest daughter of Henry II of France & Catherine de' Medici. She married Philip II of Spain. Her dress is closed in front at the bottom with FROGS not AGLETS. NO INFO on painter, date painted, location wiki photo

    File:Elizabeth.of.Valois.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Elisabeth de Valois queen of Spain ARTIST Alonso Sanchez Coello DATE ca 1560, photo KHM Bilddatenbank Vienna. Note the lack of AGLETS at the front of her gown, the latter is open and shows the underskirt, an early portrait since she does not not wear Spanish style ie ropa and saya, CARCANET style belt , she wears one glove and carries a HANDKERCHIEF

    KHM Bilddatenbank — KHM Bilddatenbank

    Elisabeth de Valois. MUSEUM DATA: signed Sofonisba, Anguissola, 1599?, ocation KHM Bilddatenbank Vienna. 3rd wife of Philip II king of Spain. Early portrait before she started wearing Spanish style costume with carcanet necklace and aglets ? Dress has FROGS not AGLETS

    KHM Bilddatenbank

    Elisabeth Valois queen of Spain. MUSEUM INFO: no artist, undated, location: KHM Bilddatenbank Vienna. Note the unusual FROGS that close her dress, not AGLETS

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    ELISABETH ISABEL DE VALOIS. MUSEUM DATA: Sofonisba Anguissola, ca 1561 1565, Prado. She holds a portrait of her husband Philip II of Spain. Prado: The composition follows the norms for Court portraits established by Titian and Antonio Moro, with the queen standing up, sumptuously dressed, and leaning on an object. In this case, it is a column that symbolizes the dynasty, as well as a medallion with an image of her husband. Note FROGS not AGLETS on dress. PHOTO Prado

    Museo Nacional del Prado: On-line gallery

    ELISABETH DE VALOIS queen of Spain PROVENANCE Francois Clouet ca 1559 Chantilly museum photo RMN Note BROWN eyes. Portrait is annotated as being of Elisabeth de Valois by Clouet, 1558, 3rd wife of Philip II. Portrait done at French court when she was about 12 years old.She has brown eyes here - she was considered to look at lot like her brother Charles IX king of France

    Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais -

    ELISABETH DE VALOIS queen of Spain PROVENANCE Anthonis Mor 1560 Varez Fisa collection Madrid Wiki photo

    File:Elisabeth de Valois, Anthonis Mor.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

    ELISABETH DE VALOIS queen of Spain 3rd wife of Philip II. MUSEUM DATA: Pantoja de la Cruz, Juan, 1605 posthumous portrait, Prado. Some consider this work to be a copy of an original by the painter Sofonisba Anguisola, a protégée of the Queen. she holds a ZIBELLINO. Note AGLETS on dress in style of 1560s.

    File:Isabel de Valois2..jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    ELISABETH DE VALOIS queen of Spain PROVENANCE school of Clouet, prior to 1559, Louvre , PHOTO RMN

    Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais -

    ELUSABETH DE VALOIS queen of Spain PROVENCE Antonis Mor, ca 1560, Louvre photo RMN . Note this is a SECOND portriat nlt a cropped photo of the fuller size portrait. This one is in Paris

    Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais -

    ELISABETH DE VALOIS queen of Spain PROVENANCE French school, ca 1560, Versailles photo RMN a possible copy of Anguissola portrait

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    [Portrait de princesse en pied. Elle porte une robe très riche, et tient un petit chien sur une table] : [dessin] - Elisabeth de Valois queen of Spain PROVENANCE Gaignieres Collection BNF

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    ELISABETH DE VALOIS ? PROVENANCE Sofonisba Anguissola 16th century Bayonne Museum Probably misidentified as the comtesse de Guiche

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    Elisabeth de Valois PROVENANCE Gaignieres collection BNF [Portrait de princesse en buste de 3/4 à gauche. Elle porte une croix ornée de pierreries et de perles] : [dessin]

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