A daughter... Love that I have three!!

A Daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give! - Laurel Atherton As a mother of both, I feel I know my son, but understanding my daughter a little bit more every day, a beautiful young lady, I am blessed.


- how could you reference Irish Music without talking about Bono lived down the road from me in Bray growing up - local boy done good! He was from Glasnevin went to Glasnevin national school and Mt Temple Where he met the lads and formed the band.

Grease! My favorite :-)


Grease - Starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. A classic which blends music, show and love. Kind of a Broadway show on the screen. Got-to-watch movie/ Grease filmi müzik, şov ve aşkı birleştiren tam bir Broadway şovu misali.

zebra party

pink and black zebra party.Ava is obsessed with our zebra print body pillow. I am thinking this would be a great first birthday party theme!


Cheap and Easy DIY Distilled water + silk flowers + dollar store vases. Cheap and Easy DIY Distilled water + silk flowers + dollar store vases. Cheap and Easy

Oh, yes...

Just imagine...

Love this! Let Keep Calm and Imagine inspire you to unplug from life (TV, i-pod, i-pad, video games) so you can dream divabetic


omg I am in LOVE with this picture! Reminds me of my hours in front of the wheel in ceramics class. yet, the baby seems to be doing a better job than i did :O haha

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This art of baseball team mascots was spotted by Bethany Heck, comes from the 1956 edition of the book Inside Baseball for Little Leaguers.