This is our motto at Pure & Green Organics.  Uncomplicated, deceptively simple skincare that works!

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”- Leonardo da Vinci Choose the simple yet sophisticated dresses and pair it with your favourite accessory for a complete look. For more info, visit

What's your #skin eating?

Did you know the average woman wears 515 chemicals a day? Of the ingredients found in myriad beauty products, one in eight is an industrial chemical, of which our skin absorbs 60 percent of any topical product we use.

#Natural #Skin Care Tips & #Healthy Skin Diagram

Natural skin care for younger looking skin is easy. And our 7 healthy skin care tips and layers of the skin diagram show just how simple natural skin care is.

Here are 8 simple tips for helping to keep your #skin soft and supple during the coldest #winter months

How to fix dry winter skin

DIY Treatment for Younger Looking Hands Keeping Hands Beautiful as We Age Beauty and MakeUp Tips

Why you should use Organic #Skincare

Noticing a new wrinkle can certainly put a damper on things, but luckily there’s an easy, at-home remedy : massaging your face for just one minute per day can help combat those unsightly wrinkles.

CITRUS & COFFEE   Best for Skin Type: Oily Skin to combination (blemish prone), Acne Prone Skin.  We chose ground coffee beans  as our exfoliant material for the following reasons:        They are grown in Australia, reducing transport related carbon emissions.      Harvesting does not kill the plant, so topsoil is held in place preventing soil erosion.      We are able to source “waste wise” materials. $24.95

- A stimulating, deep-cleansing, high antioxidant blend for perfectly polished, glowing skin. Apply desired amount of gel to your face and work in moderate circles around entire facial area.

Organic Night Cream - Rejuvenate Product Review - Pure & Green Organics

Organic Night Cream - Rejuvenate Product Review - Pure & Green Organics