So this is what i can do with all my old keys.To Do: Create bejeweled keys as holiday ornaments and gift tag tie-ons. Ava has a big thing for pretty key's.


keys to the forest.the trees hold life, like doorways the key is my silvery looking pendant dont you think old keys are pretty *comments/thoughts appre. Keys To The Forest

vintage postage stamps.

a childhood stamp collection . becomes artistic inspiration for August Empress

Art Deco bakelite bangles

Vintage Bakelite Bracelets: What Is It? What Is It Worth?

A NATURAL PEARL AND DIAMOND NECKLACE, BY M. GÉRARD   Of V-shaped design, with two lines of graduated baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds, suspending at the front five drop-shaped natural grey pearls, with diamond trefoil surmount, mounted in gold, 38.0 cm  Signed M. Gérard

A natural pearl and diamond necklace, by M. Photo Christie's Image Ltd 2012 Of V-shaped design, with two lines of.

AN ANTIQUE EMERALD AND DIAMOND NECKLACE   Designed as a riviere necklace composed of thirty graduated old-mine diamond collets, suspending at the front a later added pendant centering upon a cut-cornered rectangular emerald, in an old-mine diamond surround, mounted in silver and gold, necklace mid-19th Century, pendant late 19th Century, necklace 38.0 cm, pendant 3.9 cm

Antique Emerald And Old-Mine Cut Diamond Necklace Mounted In Silver And Gold (Necklace) c. Century (Pendant) c. Late Century - Christie’s


I still have the skeleton key to the front door of the house I grew up in.