Yea that's an attractive quality to have, but i can life with ashton irwin, luke hemmings or calum hood 2

Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings I love Ashton's shirt! & Dat warning sign did warn us bout looking at per hotness!

Sometimes it's just hard like sometimes I don't know the difference between Luke and Ashton like I forreal thought this was Ash just because of the headband but then I saw the guitar.


I'm ashamed to admit that I have paused my tv right on their faces and kissed my tv.>me too

Michael baby, I love you but you are so pale you're almost transparent. But then again you're punk rock so I guess it's okay. << he looks like the joker

Ok but like imagine Michael watching you in the mirror getting changed and you turn around and his looking at you like this!

This is just the funniest picture ever! Can't stop laughing! Oh how I love yoh Mikey!