Dog Breeds

From small dogs to big dogs, we've got everything you need to know about your favorite dog breeds!
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Beagles are one of the oldest breeds and were originally used as hunting companion dogs. Learn more about this active and family friendly dog breed at!

It seems the has been man’s floppy-eared friend for ages! Find out more about this dog breed here.

Small dog fact: Dachshunds can smell scents that are up to a week old. Find out more about this cute but mighty dog at

Did you know Dachshunds can smell scents that are up to a week old? Sniff out more about this small but mighty dog breed here.

Dog fact: Portuguese Water Dogs love swimming! Find out if this active dog breed is right for you at

Browse through our list of dog breeds, and find the best dog for you.

Want to adopt a trusty companion dog? Some of the most loyal dogs are also among the friendliest dog breeds. For example, Border Collies are known to be affectionate family dogs! Check out more companion dog breeds at

Find the best dog for you and your family, and learn more about different types of companion dogs by browsing through our list of popular dog breeds.

Looking for a loyal dog? Labradors, Boxers, and Poodles rank high among the best companion dogs. Check out what other breeds made the list at

A support or service dog for your autistic child may be just what they need. But what are the benefits and is it worth the time and expense?

Boxers are easily recognized by their square muzzle and are known for their protective nature. Learn more about this dog breed at

The is easily recognizable by a square muzzle. Check out more dog breed facts here.

Dog breed test: Can you match the following list of dog breeds with the correct fur in the above photo? Beagle, Poodle, Australian Shepherd and Boxer. Learn more about dog breeds at

Can you match this list of dog breeds with the correct picture of its furry coat? Choose from: a Beagle, a Poodle, an Australian Shepherd, and a Boxer.

French Bulldog or not, this breed is known for it's friendly personality! Learn even more about this playful dog breed here.

A popular breed known for his lovable disposition and charming wrinkles, the Bulldog originated in the British Isles.

Training for a half marathon and looking for a training buddy? Different dog breeds have various running styles. For example, Poodles run slow and steady which make them a great running partner. Learn more about what dog breeds are good for long distance running here!

Training for a 5K with Fido

A dog's breed says a lot about what kind of runner they might be. For example, the is a slow but steady running partner! See what other breeds are suited for going the distance here.

Did you know that Irish Setters are known for their friendly and energetic personality? Learn more about this beautiful dog breed here.

This merry, friendly breed has a stable, outgoing temperament, making him a great family companion.

Talk about aging gracefully! Shar-peis make dog aging look good. Learn more about this dog breed at!

Chinese shar-pei is one of the most ancient breeds of dog, existing as a Chinese farm dog since 200 B. It has a blue-black tongue, a hippo-shaped head and wrinkles. These are intelligent dogs who can be stubborn

Everybody loves a pug! Did you know that this popular dog breed is one of the oldest in the world! Check our more dog breed facts here.

Did you know this Find out if this revered canine would fit into your life.

In the market for a family dog? Labrador Retrievers are athletic and playful, making them one of the best family dogs. Learn more at

The Labrador Retriever is an athletic, playful and family-friendly dog breed!

Trying to decide what dog breed is right for you? The Bulldog's sweet disposition makes it a great dog for kids. Learn more about this loving family dog breed at

The Bulldog’s sweet disposition and love for kids is just the start! There’s so much more to learn about this family-friendly dog breed.