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Beacon Shawl from the brand new issue of Knitscene Accessories. Fab.

Beacon Shawl

I love sewing, but there are stages in every project that can be tedious. Stuffing a softie, for example, or pressing seams open. When faced with these tasks it’s easy to make an excuse to set the project aside and go get a snack, or check Facebook, or really do anything but finish the... Read More »

20 Podcasts to Listen to While You’re Crafting -

That's really cool photo manipulation!

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I may have pinned this before, but it is so adorable that I couldn't resist.

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Octopus tentacle stencil template

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Haute Couture Designs Feature Fashionable Looks For Hellboy, Back To The Future, And More

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Spinning wheel, ca. 1740 | Piffetti, Pietro | V&A Search the Collections

distaff | Piffetti, Pietro | V&A Search the Collections

Mallory and Pam (Archer) cosplay. View more EPIC cosplay at

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21 Perfectly Timed Photos That'll Make You Say WTF 0 -

21 Perfectly Timed Photos That'll Make You Say WTF

Anyone else feel like there is a strong connection between this picture and Greece? ;) Kawaii Shop ❤

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You've got to adore these little kittens. They're just too cute! They are also very well made art-wise too.

エリ エキシビション | アットクリエイターズ

Tentacle Cluster by Josh Ellingson, Combines Cephalopods & Booze

Death - Cthulhu Ascendant - XIII

Call of Cthulhu: The Writhing Dark - Playing Cards and Tarot

Ms. Innsmouth 1974 by on @deviantART

Ms. Innsmouth 1974 by Cribs on deviantART

Like size, scope. Sense of wonder yet terrifyingly bizarre, otherworldly.

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Vivien Leigh- one can only aspire to this level of bitch face. I love it.

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Vintage buttons in a leaf bowl

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they dont go out much

We ride at midnight. Bring potato. | 15 Signs The People Of Tumblr Are The Best People In The World

15 Signs The People Of Tumblr Are The Best People In The World

Embroidery on paper for scrap book.

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Just yes

That comment

If the bacteria in your mouth have evolved this far…

I love German :)

German has two settings – Kawaii and Metal

taxidermists are kinda awesome.

This guy handles prank texts like a pro…