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    Scarves & Scarf Jewelry or Scarf Charms

    Here is where we will share scarves and scarf jewelry. Plus ways to tie them, and anything else we can find on scarves, a classic must have in your wardrobe! Scarf pendants and scarf tubes make up the majority of the selections of scarf jewelry on Purple Box Jewelry. Scarf rings typically are round and slide on the scarf. Scarf charms or scarf pendants have a scarf tube that goes around the scarf then hanging below is a pendant. Scarf accents are another term for scarf accessories.

    Scarves & Scarf Jewelry or Scarf Charms

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    Recycled Aluminum - Take a look at this Silver Freedom Scarf Pendant by aluminations on #zulily today!

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    Open Knit Infinity Scarf Red

    Knit and Flower Lace Scarf

    Knit Infinity Scarf Green | Scarves, Cheap Fashion Jewelry | Purple Box Jewelry

    Glass Scarf Jewelry

    Abalone Slide Scarf Jewelry Oval | Affordable Costume Jewelry, Scarf Jewelry | Purple Box Jewelry

    Color Shell Slide Scarf Jewelry

    Color Shell Slide Scarf Jewelry

    Ivory Epoxy Mosaic Scarf Jewelry Gold | Scarf Jewelry, Cheap Fashion Jewelry | Purple Box Jewelry

    Stone Butterfly Scarf Jewelry Silver | Scarf Jewelry, Cheap Fashion Jewelry | Purple Box Jewelry

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    Stone Butterfly Scarf Jewelry Gold

    If only someone would sew this for me!

    This poly satin light weight light blue lighthouse scarf has an unique design. This design includes red and white striped lighthouses, seagulls, and sailboats. This scarf has a silk-like feel and measures 13” x 60”.

    This Bright Multi Stripe Scarf comes in 4 different bright colors: peach, pink, yellow, and blue. They are perfect for spring and summer. This scarf is made from a light and airy linen with a tight weave. This Peach Bright Multi Stripe Scarf has multiple stripes of color on it. This scarf measures 43" x 70".

    This beautiful light weight Stripe and Tie-Dye Infinity Scarf is tie-dyed on one half and striped on the other half for double the fashion statement. This scarf would be a lovely and unique addition to any wardrobe. This scarf measures 19" x 67" and is available in 6 colors.

    This Textured Tie-Dye Scarf comes in 6 fun and bright tie-dyed color combinations just in time for spring and summer. This scarf is tie-dyed and has a unique texture. This scarf is tie-dyed with light blue, orange, and red colors. It measures 16" x 63". Made of 100% Polyester.

    Teardrop Stone Scarf Jewelry Black | Affordable Scarf Charm, Scarf Jewelry, Scarf Accent, Scarf Pendant | Purple Box Jewelry

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    Get your Large Flag Scarf at Purple Box Jewelry for only $10.90 along with all your other favorite light weight scarves.

    This Triple Stone Scarf Jewelry with pink and stones will definitely add a splash of color to any outfit. This scarf jewelry features two light pink stones & one fuchsia stone with two floral accents and a striped silver ring. It measures approx. 2" with a 3/4" ring. Scarf not included.

    Get your Triple Stone Scarf Jewelry Green for only $10.90 along with all your other favorite scarf jewelry.