Lace love

There are 4 tips to buy these shoes: bow heels nude heels lace bag bows high heels purple pink pink heels with strap and bow women pink bow bow.

Shoes, 1925.

Fabulous Flapper Shoes Could recreate this with a plain black shoe, shoe clips, fringe, and silver puffy paint.


A shoe fit for the fairy ball. Made by Llorraine Neithardt (shoe artist, teacher and muse) teaches "Mastering The Art of Shoemaking" in New York.

A Vision in Five-Inch Heels

The Fairy Queen Slippers Shoes by Llorraine Neithardt, a seer who teaches shoemaking in her Hell’s Kitchen apartment, were featured in the 2007 movie “P. I Love You.” More Photos


Again the pure romantik Victorian Art Spats. Made them wth original materials from You can buy this one in my shop Victorian Lady Art Spats

butterfly heel

Alexander McQueen Butterfly Shoe- would go with the butterfly dress- for when I win the lottery- lol