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Picture of The Allen Hydrautomat, a working paint tin model. (making water run uphill)

A silent system of raising water patented in 1926 by Thomas Gaskell Allen, was alleged to have an efficiency of of the pressure water used, a more efficient.

Don't Purchase a Generator With Out Reading This First - A generator will keep it on for an extended period of time afterwards until the electricity can be restored. This is a very helpful and even lifesaving invention – but there are a few things that you should consider before investing in one.

Don't Purchase a Generator With Out Reading This First. Do not spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a generator to only have the wrong one when SHTF

Free Energy Magnet Motor fan used as Free Energy Generator "Free Energy" light bulb - YouTube

Free Energy Generator coil used for electric magnet motor rotation and for lighting of light bulbs. This homemade "Free Energy" device operates based on free.

Magnetic Generator you can build to power your home. I want to try this.

We try out the Tesla magnetic generator and find out if it really is a good as everyone says. Is it an alternative to solar power?

Thermoelectric Fan Powered by a Candle

Thermoelectric Fan Powered by a Candle Better writeup than many. Looks good due to heatsink used. A Thermoelectric generator powered by a tealight. It started as an experiment of how much power I could get from one candle. But I liked the idea and it wo