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I hope you got the message. | "An apple a day keeps anyone away if you throw it hard enough." -Unknown

The Best Funny Quotes For Sarcastic Women Who Are SO DONE

I think it's appropriate

Ppl literally tell me all the time that I'm funny. But I'm really just honest and don't care what ppl think

those aren't retirees. they're old people that can't afford their prescriptions unless they have a job.

Running​ my own business, taking care of my kids, cooking, cleaning, spend enough quality time with my husban

These are gold. - 9GAG

These are gold.

This is exactly what I should tell him now.  And I should have told him then, although he has certainly gotten a lot worse than he was then.

Hey, trainwreck, this isn't your station. Keep it movin. No need to stop and speculate on things that aren't your business or concern. Go throw shade somewhere else. I don't need your drama or your subliminal jabs.

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Someone from Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA posted a whisper, which reads "What doesn't kill you gives you a set of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a dark sense of humor.

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I Don't Think Before I Speak I Like Being Just as Surprised As Everyone Else

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39 New Funny Quotes You're Going To Love

39 New Funny Quotes You're Going To Love

I always wonder what the story is behind a random shoe on the side of the road!

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Haven't had that much fun in a long time - Lol! Well that fridge light really is bright.