Ruby and Rails Resources

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a man wearing headphones on top of a laptop computer
Small groups learning Rails together with a dedicated tutor. (Paid)
the book cover for security engineering, with blue background and white text on it's front
Security Engineering - A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems
not Ruby/Rails specific, but a good security resource available online
screenshots for serious develoders are shown in the above text description below
Destroy All Software Screencasts
the book cover for pro git by scott chacon, with an orange and yellow background
If you want to improve your Git skills, Scott Chacon's book Pro Git (published by Apress) is available to read online for free.
programming ruby the pragmat program for beginners guide, 2nd ed by dan thomas
Traditional and classic ruby reference book; lovingly referred to as 'pickaxe'
the cover of eloquent ruby by russell o'keen, with an image of
Good second or third book; focuses on writing idiomatic ruby rather than programming concepts or basics
the ruby user's guide is shown in red and grey, with an image of a
What is ruby?
Online intro to ruby
a black and white photo of horses in the woods with words ruby roggies
Podcasts - Top End Devs
Weekly Rails Podcast; also available on itunes
the book ruby cookbook is shown in purple and has an image of a wolf on it
Ruby Cookbook
the book cover for apprenteship patterns guidance for the aspiring software craftsmans
O'Reilly Media - Technology and Business Training
advice for aspiring programmers
the logo for railsbridges is hanging on a clothesline with sunburst in the background
the google groups home page is displayed in this screenshote image, which appears to be for railsbridgege workshops
RailsBridge Workshops organizing team
a qr code with an image of a red heart on the front and back
The San Francisco Ruby Meetup Group | Meetup
San Francisco Ruby Meetups
the logo for piv total labs
VMware Tanzu Blog
Pivotal Labs tech talks
the logo for peep code screencasts on a black background with white lettering
Online Courses, Learning Paths, and Certifications - Pluralsight
PeepCode screencasts