14 DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas That Are So Much Prettier Than Those Stacks Of Plastic Boxes

How To Turn Your Makeup Display Into A Work Of Art

Top 15 Most Creative DIY Mason Jar Craft Ideas. Cool ideas for getting ready for a gathering of anykind. Great for gifts too!! Just have fun with any project you do!

Mason Jar centerpiece for wedding or outdoor party. Add candlelight to create a romantic atmosphere and mason jars will add a rustic touch. Fill jars with water.Tie a string to top of jar with a secure bow. Add floating long burning candle in each jar.

Long desk for siblings to work side by side.

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Los estantes, los portalápices y los rieles permiten despejar la mesa

It can be tricky to keep a well-stocked desk space clear and tidy. Luzie’s solution is to make the most of her wall; she keeps less essential stationery on her floating shelves, her favourite pens hanging from a rail, art pencils in drawers, and everythin

DIY open frames

mommo design: DIY IDEAS FOR GIRLS This would also be cute for family photos. Not just for girls rooms. Maybe cute for pet pictures too. - Model Home Interior Design

String thick rope from floor to ceiling. | 27 Ways To Maximize Space With Room Dividers

String thick rope from floor to ceiling makes an AMAZING room divider! -Maximize Space With Room Dividers

Wine cork trivet

Wine Cork Trivet - Reuse corks--turn them into a practical trivet! Here's a fun "accessory" to give with a bottle of wine. And who knows, after just one wine-tasting party, this wine cork trivet could be ready to use!

The humble towel bar proves its tidying potential.

10 Ways Towel Rails Can Organize Every Room in the House

Shares Spring cleaning just got a whole lot cheaper! Organize for less with these creative dollar store organization and storage ideas. There are ideas for every room in your house (kitchen, bathroom, (Diy Storage Dorm)

Mantenga los rizadores guardados ordenadamente en tubos de PVC montados. | 31 Trucos baratos para hacer de tu baño la mejor habitación de la casa

Mantenga los rizadores guardados ordenadamente en tubos de PVC montados.

Michelle I think this would be perfect for our hot hair stuff in our bathroom. Use PVC pipe ,paint your own color ,and use for flat iron and hair dryer storage.