What the Teacher Wants!: Common Core Data Checklists! {Math and ELA}

Common Core Data Checklists! {Math and ELA}

Common Core Data Checklists: Math and ELA (from What the Teacher Wants) All grade levels!

Geometry- solving real world problems using food Mrs. White's 6th Grade Math Blog

I'm not teaching distributive property this year, but I love this. It really makes sense.

Guided Math Group Lesson Plan

math group form--i need something like this for math task observations. Boxes for each Math Practice standards to write student names in it. Boxes for participating, understanding, etc.

Math humor - I feel advanced because I get this!  Darla might enjoy this one.....hmm, that's odd ;)

Funny math joke poster

Non-framed orders made in 24 hours. funny math joke poster created by jimbuf.

Integer Cootie Catcher - Accentuate the Negative

Integer rules cootie catcher

Integer Cootie Catcher - working on integers now. Not a math teacher, but kids still have questions. This could be modified for various math concerns. :) must show to the math teachers.

Could do something similar for integrated science and defining the variables for power, velocity etc.

Linear Equations Flippables

These would be great for teaching algebra equations. Could do something similar for integrated science and defining the variables for power, velocity etc.

Amazing resource for FREE interactive notebook templates

Are you using interactive notebooks in your classroom? Check out this wide variety of FREE templates. tons of foldables printables

Math = Love: Point-Slope Form Foldable

Point-Slope Form Foldable Today, my Algebra 1 students learned about…

Middle School Math Madness!: Great interactive notebook ideas for equations, inequalities, properties, and order of operations

Lots of foldables/interactive notebook ideas here Middle School Math Madness!

Integers foldable

Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans: Interactive Notebooks: Integers and Coordinate Grid I like this set up to push all 4 concepts together.

Combining Like Terms and Distributive Property - using combo meals!!

phone pictures with battery too low for a flash :/ so sorry! But I can't put off posting these any longer!

4mula Fun! :): Ratios and Proportions Introduction Needed for better explanations for next year!

Ratios and Proportions Introduction & Interactive Notebook

Like the foldables and table of contents

Math = Love: Algebra 1 - Introduction to Relations and Functions

***Freebie: Solving Multi-Step Equations: Students will put 4 cubes together. Each cube has 1 part on an equation on it. They will use the information on the cubes to create 12 multi-step equations to solve!

Students will be divided into groups of (can be done individually, or in larger groups, but is what I recommend.

Middle School Math Lab Book

Math-n-spire: A Long Time Coming.

Accentuate the Negative - Integer rules foldable

Integers (Foldable)

I like how this asks the student to summarize the rule. Modification idea: give struggling students sentence frameworks or starters