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    Question and Planter
    Question and Planter
    Question and Planter

    Question and Planter

    Inquiring green thumbs want to know! Our website is

    Barcelona Patio! Café, Anyone? (Houzz | Vuong Interior Design)

    Backyard, Moroccan-style! (Houzz | Tommy Chambers | David Phelps Photography)

    Magic in Small Spaces! Mary Lou posted her patio on our FB page...

    A doorway full of planters in Barcelona, posted by Emily on our Facebook page.

    Backyard Cascade - Mayfield, Australia (Photo: Angela Dooley)

    Backyard Bliss! Australia's Mayfield Garden! (Photo: Hannah Dooley)

    Temple fountain, Mayfield Garden, Australia! (Photo: Hannah Dooley)

    Candle Power! From a Houston patio. (Houzz | Kirkpatrick Design)

    String Light Delight! (Houzz | Smith & Vansant Architects | Rob Karosis Photography)

    Flower Power! Beautiful New Varieties for 2014 (like this new Mexican Marigold)...

    Trés Charmant! Detail from a French Farmhouse Bird Feeder (

    Thinking about backyard décor (like this butterfly feeder, handmade in Indiana and on

    Simply Golden... (Photo by Frank Schulenburg | CC BY-SA 3.0)