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cute wall art // @Andrea / FICTILIS Buck I literally went, "OHEMGEE, Andrea needs to do this for Ellie!" Then I remembered Ellie was a dog, and does not have her own room or bed. Oops.

Little Girl's room.I've always loved the girl owls! Cute idea for a little girl's room! If you don't wat to paint or adhere stickers to the wall for the name - use smaller wood letters painted a solid color and hang.

Porcelain Look Nail Art Design. She does it with hand painting, but I wonder if I could make it work with stamped nail art . . . My fave color besides leopard

The easiest way to turn up the volume on a monotone manicure is a crazy accent nail! Blue and white mani accent nail polish mani manicure

Nail Care Routine

dunno so much about the OPI nail strengthener--- you can have strong nails with a healthy vegan diet :) It's the only time in my life I've ever had healthy nails!

Good ways to re-phrase ineffectual words we often say to our children

10 Things Not to Say to Your Kids

10 Things Not to Say to Your Kids - The Kid Counselor ™. Great article and provides examples of a better way to phrase things!

Instagram photo by @lusterlacquer

Essie "Fiji", freehand zebra stripes with Orly "Dazzle" and Essie "Set In Stones" on the pinky. Have I mentioned how much I love silver zebra print?

Homemade gross motor games to play with your kids.  Most take only a few moments to set up (although a few take longer).  Optimize supplies you have around the house for play with a few simple tweaks!

Train Up a Child: Gross Motor Games Days of Play}. 10 simple and fun, homemade games that you can play with your child!

DIY Gold Polka Dot Mousepad

DIY Suede and Gold Leaf Mousepad

Suede and Gold Polka Dot Mousepad: As you probably already know, we’re obsessed with all things gold. This cute gold mousepad is the perfect way to spice up your desk. (via The Lovely Indeed)

Holiday Stripes - Nail Art

Christmas is a big holiday that should be celebrated with family and friends, and everything is decorated. Would you like your nails decorated also in the spirit of Christmas? Take a look at these Cool Christmas Nail Designs for inspiration.

cute pink and black nails

5 Cute Nail Design Ideas

Like the idea of black nails and then the odd ball of peach with a black heart.


Tuto Nail art facile et printanier

Beauty nails: Nothing screams spring more than a pastel geometric manicure!

#DIY Paint your washing machine!  What a cool concept! Why pat extra for a color when you can DIY

How to paint a polka dot washer and dryer that will hold up over time

How to paint your washing machine- so cute! How to paint your washing machine- so cute! How to paint your washing machine- so cute!