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"I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies" -Thomas Jefferson Verified: Memoir, Correspondence, and.

Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Declaration of Conscience and McCarthyism.

Senator Margaret Chase Smith, Declaration of Conscience and McCarthyism.

Uncle Sam looks so smug up there. "Ha ha, the trusts are keeping you from a second term! Too bad, Teddy!"

Teddy Roosevelt: Trust Buster The caption from this 1903 Teddy Roosevelt cartoon reads: “A bear was on the engine of the President’s Special, it was in a bad humor and snarled viciously at the.

The more I interact with people, the more I think this is true.

Rally to Restore Sanity Signs

A protest sign that says, 'I prefer facts, nuance, and intellectual debate, so I'm probably not a real American.

FAA furloughs

Political Cartoons of the Week

Freedom. NRA style.

NRA, Fox News, GOP and gun dealers got rich telling us "they're gonna take your guns".

job vs welfare

Learned helplessness - when a person is out of control or perceives the situation to be out of control, they do not attempt to complete a task as it will be helpless.

The steamroller of PROGRESS!

In an interview prior to the Super Bowl, Obama let the proverbial cat out of the bag. He intends to go after additional tax hikes on the so-called rich.

Batman isn't the only superhero Rush Limbaugh has a problem with

Comic Conspiracy Theories with Rush Limbaugh, by Rob Tornoe . on Twitpic

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