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Things I Love for my Nephew And Niece

Toggle-Front Fair Isle Ponchos for Baby

Bridal Shower theme!! FAVORITE! @Mandee Hillman VanOrden Hillman VanOrden Richardson-Pro I'm likin this.

Pack Play repurpose! Cut the mesh from one side, cover the top with fitted sheet, throw in some pillows... reading tent!

{milk popsicles} - for those fussy teething days... check it out Ashley

Never ever ever ever

Lulu doll by Tangled Things - such a beautiful doll. #thevanillabeanblog

Use tension rods and a sheet to make a tent in the hallway for the kids. You can decorate the sheet with fabric paint or markers. And can be easily stored when done.

Cupcake Fondue - guests dip their mini-cupcakes in frosting, then their choice of toppings or sprinkles. great party idea from Hoosier Homemade

post from a mom using OT for her sensory kid - more about brushing, but also good info about joint compressions (which were magically calming for my ADHD kiddo)

BORED JAR: if a kid complains of boredom (especially after Santa just came to visit!!) they have to pick a slip & do the activity, good or bad. It might be going for ice cream, it might be cleaning their room. (my jar would have more bad. I HATE hearing a kid with 5000 new toys and games say they are bored.) Such an excellent idea!

@Carolyn Nixon THIS MAY PUSH YOU OVER THE CRUNCHY GRANOLA MOMMY EDGE ....cutting a roll of paper towels in half, placing in container and soaking with 4 cups warm water and desired mixture (including coconut oil). The ingredients differ only slightly depending on what kind of wipes you're making. For baby wipes add 1-2 squirts of baby wash. For make up remover wipes just add the coconut oil (& a squirt of your favorite face wash if you want, but it's not necessary) For cleaning wipes add a few drops of your favorite concentrated cleaner.

What a great tree idea for toddlers! They can decorate this over and over again! - Click image to find more Holidays & Events Pinterest pins

@Design Scout & @Carolyn Walsh A Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party - Animal Cracker Boombox

Party favors from Sophia's baptism (packaging)

Party favors from Sophia's baptism (packaging)

Blue Roses Vine Candy Wrapper Christening Baptism Favors

Write the alphabet on a cookie sheet, provide letters or magnetic letters to match

Another pinner said ... "my parents were the coolest and totally did this for us when we were kids! Our friends still talk about it!"

Marble Races with a cheap pool noodle (boys would be occupied for hours.)

Y E S ! “The waterproof planetarium floats in water & contains a bright light that projects out into the room, or even into the tub itself when flipped over.”