Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren - Blue Label, fall Winter Racing Attire fashion at the races…

Dolce & Gabbana

ℳiss Tallulah Tatum wears her nova check, plaids and classic tartan Poppy Pea

Black Tartan

Black Tartan Friday

With Thanksgiving today, we celebrate Black Friday with our top Black Tartans featuring both Black watch and Stewart Black tartan.

Tartan Toe Post Flip Flop, Stewart Royal

With a spate of recent good weather in the UK, Scotland has been basking in some of the nicest summer weather we’ve enjoyed for a number of years!

Rosetta Jardini Pre-Fall 2016

I have no idea if this qualifies as a fetish, but ladies in tasteful plaid/tartan schoolgirl outfits (long or short skirts) always put me into full-on creepy "stare at her with mouth agape" mode.

I'm officially on the hunt for red shoes. Not usually my style but hey, life is short! Live fierce! # Fall And Winter Fashion

plain black shirt & jeans made gorgeous w/red purse/pumps, gold jewelry, black hat & plaid scarf- dont like the red personally, but i generally love the pieces in this outfit