the turtle said remember me and so on so the turtle tells a knock knock joke seal responds and said who`s there turtle said i thought you remember me

Pictures taken at just the right time

We have rounded up a group of images that were snapped at the perfect moment and time, Awesome!

15 People Who Really Have This Life Thing Figured Out

That made me laugh out loud! Smart idea though! 15 People Who Really Have This Life Thing Figured Out

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My teenager would tell me something like this. Lol Funny Back to School Quotes

I laughed, just so hard at this!

My sister in-law recently became a vegetarian so I sent this to her

It's hard to read so the text: First panel: You're a vegetarian? Second panel: Wow, you must really love animals. Third panel: No, I just really hate plants.


So I put my horse mask on my dog. The girl dying-laughing adds to how hilarious this is!we have this horse mask.and dogs.

This is one of the best things I have seen

Venus Flytrap Dresses Up As Santa To Wish You A Merry Christmas

Perfect history lesson

Perfect history lesson: this is literally the best thing I've ever seen! If it weren't for some of the language, this would be a great way to engage middle & high school students in WWII.

Epic One Liners Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

Funny pictures about Epic one liners. Oh, and cool pics about Epic one liners. Also, Epic one liners.

30 Funny animal captions - part 13 (30 pics)

Funny pictures about Neighborhood watch. Oh, and cool pics about Neighborhood watch. Also, Neighborhood watch.

15 Of The Best Worst Dad Jokes On Tumblr

15 Of The Best Worst Dad Jokes On Tumblr