ceramics by éric hibelot & jean-marc fondimare

Éric Hibelot & Jean-Marc Fondimare are French ceramic designers that together are, l’atelier des garçons…

Obviously a young lady on the cutting edge of fashion.     The Love Letter  Auguste Toulmouche  1863

The Love Letter Auguste Toulmouche 1863 Garibaldi Blouse, Swiss Belt, Pleated Skirt, Zouave Jacket

Annuntiare (2010) - Karim Hamid

Karim Hamid is a figurative American painter, currently residing in Rhode Island. Hamid’s images are based on the visual dialogue with the.

Peter Blake, 'Self-Portrait with Badges' 1961

Peter Blake, Self Portrait with Badges, 1961 From the Tate Gallery: Blake’s self-portrait shows his equal respect for historical tradition and modern popular culture. He may have based this image on Thomas Gainsborough’s famous portrait The Blue Boy.

Olga Tobreluts

EXH: Absolute Beauty - Neoacademism in Saint Petersburg, Ludwig Museum, Hungary, 10 July - 13 Sep

'Untitled (Ghardaïa)', Kader Attia, 2009 | Tate

'Untitled (Ghardaïa)', Kader Attia, 2009 | Tate

The Hill  21 x 29,7cm, ink on paper, Kevin Lucbert, 2014.

Series of blue ballpoint pen drawings (biro art) by French artist Kevin Lucbert. Titled Blue Lines, the drawings portrays houses, suburban streets, doorways, mountains and forests with a bit mystical surrealism.