Helsinki Airport Book Swap

Helsinki Airport is seeking your help to design the Book Swap Library. We are currently gathering inspiration and ideas, so put your thinking caps and become…
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the helsink airport book swap advertises to help children learn how to read
The famous @HelsinkiAirport Book Swap sticker. Inspired by the Quality Hunters community, it will help travelers track their books
an advertisement for the book swapp is shown in blue and white, with text on it
The @HelsinkiAirport Book Swap golden rules and acknowledgements, inspired by the community
a sign that says book shop on the wall in an office setting with chairs and desks
The title says it all :)
a room with two chairs, a lamp and a bookshelf in the corner
Sit down and enjoy. Put that waiting time between flight to good use with the Book Swap
a book shelf with books on it in a room that has white walls and flooring
Already some books submitted by friends of reading :)
an open book with paper cut out of it
Interesting bookmarks
a sign that says welcome to the helski airport book swapp, with information about it
To start the discussion here is a very basic representation of what we would like to put on the Info/Acknowledgments board in the QH Book Swap. Feel free to upload your ideas, change it however you want, design something of your own and participate in the discussion on Twitter
a blue circle with an open book on it
Inka Leisma on X
Round like the globe, blue as the skies, flying like (or with) travellers? Well of course it's a book! Was trying to draw a text logo, but it turned out like this :)
the helsinki airport book swap has been created to help children learn how to read
I think I prefer it without the QR code, unless it take you to an individual webpage about the bookswap project. As it takes up a lot of space where a line of "Follow us on twitter" can do the same thing elegantly.Clean, and to the point. Also QR code is popular in some countries, but not everyone uses it. I agree we don't need brief history on every sticker. a thank you note to tell people what to do with this sticker would be nice.
an information card for the helski airport book swap, with qr code
A very rough draft of the sticker we want to put in the awesome books you leave in the Bookswap Library. The QR code goes to our Twitter channel, you can decide where it goes though :) Feel free to edit this picture pin and share with us
a room with a chair, desk and shelves on the wall that are made out of cardboard
J1 Studio
T.Shelf bookshelf for #QHbookswap @qualityhunters (check out for more possibilities)
the floor plan for an apartment in helski airport book swapp, which is located
The Book Swap floor plan. Feel free to repin with your ideas on it :)
several black and white speech bubbles with the words need written on them in different languages
I Have I Need – Feel Desain | your daily dose of creativity
Awesome idea for chalk-boards by @CFliegner
a grove of trees in the middle of a forest filled with green grass and tall white trunks
Finnish landscape photos
Inspiration for the Book Swap - Finnish Summer Theme