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"Primal Healing" - This is a rare first chakra image...I tend to hang out in the purple sixth chakra, but in doing so, have neglected the very important first chakra. The intention for this one is to promote healing in the primal areas of survival, feeling safe and secure, money and grounding to the Earth.

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For most of human history, healing has had to do with contact with spirit, with consciousness, with rituals intended to create a shared biofield with a shaman who seemingly could exert mind over matter. This spiritual technology has yielded to technological medicine governed by the rational protocols of science. But noting that medical intuition and therapeutic rapport are real forces in the healing process, many practitioners are moving toward a new paradigm or model of healing.

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Your mind puts out a powerful broadcast of energy. It determines how you experience the world and what you create. Your thoughts are magnetic; they go out from you and draw to you those things you think about. Your inner dialogue is important, for the way you speak to yourself determines the events, people, and objects you attract. Orin

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"Heart Healer" - The green heart chakra is the bridge between the upper and lower chakras.

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