"killer legs" home workout

Killer leg workout (repeat Squats x 20 Reps Stiff Legged Dead-lifts x 20 Reps Walking Lunges x 20 Reps Calf Raises x 20 Reps Split Squats x 20 Reps Step Ups x 20 Alternating Reps Reverse Lunge With Kick Up x 10 Per Leg To Side Step Up x 10 Per Side


LOVE this dress. Scalloped beading, sequins, pearls, & a sweetheart Top idea for the bottom area of my white dress!

I would love this as my basement someday.

Love this idea for the man cave! I think I would change the color scheme. but I love the idea of the bar, theater and pool table set up. all that is sweet.


the car i will one day have just because i will be able to aford it