Id use all that toilet paper to clog that toilet

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Queen of Cutlery

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Iris Legendre

A Skeptical Designer

Just an Illusion # 390

Bacon-Flavored Infant Formula | 21 Inane Baby Products For Questionable Parents <-- Umm...


21 Inane Baby Products For Questionable Parents

Asian Slurp Guard to keep your face and hair out of your food. bizarre and weird

BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: 20 Odd Inventions That Might Secretly Be Awesome
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Louise Bourgeois

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It’s a crazy new world we live in

It's a crazy new world we live in - Bits and Pieces

Complete index of sewing lessons for fashion sewing. Includes serger lessons and leather. Over 70 lessons, covering pretty much everything.

sew a straight line: Index of Sewing Lessons

Self(d)ie by Livia Paola Di Chiara

Livia Paola Di Chiara

Accesories for Nick Chloé Birds fashion shoot by Le Creative Sweatshop

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the ultimate in penis envy

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Feline-Infused Satirical Art Svetlana Petrova Merges Cat Images With Classic Paintings #cats #classicart #monalisa

Feline-Infused Satirical Art


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rainbow shoe - crazy!

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1950s: A baby wrapped in plastic?! No problem. :/

Business Insider
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Guda Koster

Thread, Fashion and Costume


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Free hugs

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The Power Nap Head Pillow - Hammacher Schlemmer

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eQuilter Christmas Time - Hurry Down The Chimney - Dk Red

Bacon Frosting

Bacon Frosting - NeatoShop

walter van beirendonck

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sunglasses - designed by Natasha Morgan - these sell for $450 each - LOL! Barnum was obviously right!

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