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5 lbs of fat next to 5 lbs of muscle. Now THAT'S inspiration! Don't just rely on the scale.

Quick morning workout routine to wake up your body and rev your metabolism

Lose Your Love Handles Workout

Different core exercises

Core exercises that show moves that target certain areas .

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For all those who make fun of the quote "Nothing tastes better than skinny feels."

Here are 40 sneaky ways to burn extra calories during the day, without any extra training! --- I definitely want to remember these, there are some great tips!

NEVER let haters, doubters, or anyone else get you down or tell you that you can't achieve the promises you've made yourself !! you CAN do it !! (: STICK WITH IT ! NEVER GIVE UP ! you're SO worth it !! :) #thinspiration #motivation #quotes #motivationalquotes #words #exercise #workout #weights

haha great tip!

1lb of fat is 3,500 calories? A deficit of 500 calories PER DAY amounts to a 1lb loss per week. Why is it so easy to put on and hard to take off......



Write thinspirational quotes on your scale to keep you motivated

Yep, even if he doesn't notice...



Like..WHAT? All right, I'll try to remamber

Just once more I'd like to be as thin as I was when I was 19 years old and thought I was disgustingly fat! And THIS time, I won't convince myself that I'm ugly! :)

This was me today!