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love cute

I love you so much I could squish you every day for the rest of my life. Sister i love you so much.

Use any phrase from a hymn or song with music paper underneath - love this!

Use any phrase from a hymn or song with music paper underneath. Scrapbook stickers, paint over, then peel off when dry. Love this song. IT is well with my soul.


Hand crafted wooden sign I want to LOVE YOU every by lindsitaylor, for mantel in bedroom

Spread the Love

You don’t need a reason to help people. You don’t need a reason to be good to someone. You do it for yourself, for that you are a good person and it will makes you feel happier.


True, although sometimes it is hard to be classy.some people just don´t deserve classy


When you see your best friend somewhere unexpectedly

Wendt Briscoe - like at Target! Or exactly where we planned on meeting.

"Se nos acaba el tiempo...actúa ahora antes de que sea demasiado tarde"  Por esto es tan importante que seamos consumidores responsables ¡ELIGE PRODUCTOS EN VIDRIO Y RECICLA! El envase de vidrio es 100% reciclable infinitas veces :)

Global Warming Hour Glass: “We are running out of time; act now before it’s too late.

let it go

Let it go. ~Thinking about doing this, writing my "thing I need to let go" on the balloon before I let it go.

Make things happen

16 ways to remain motivated during your job search One way to increase your level of motivation is to write down your job-search goals.