Hehehe our grocery store had this; if I was good during shopping I could use a quarter and get an egg.

Nostalgia Time: Revisiting The Past

Nostalgia Time: Revisiting The Past. I remember this! Why doesn't this exist anywhere now! Hahah they do exist still! At my local arcade!

Stick-on earrings. Fun in theory. Lost in five.

23 Things You Used To Wear As A Kid

Remember when you used stick-on earrings? One year for Christmas I received a white turtleneck and a variety of stick-on earrings to "decorate" the turtleneck.

Too complicated to set up....Required parental guidance!! But fun to catch that little stupid mouse!

The Mouse Trap - loved this game! i actually never knew how to play the game, i just loved making it all work!

vintage tupperware | Vintage tupperware toys ...All three of our kids had one of these

I am turning mine into a cellphone dock! childhood Fisher Price School Days Desk: Just looking at the picture, I shiver because I remember how it felt to scratch my nails on the chalkboard.

Best 90's list ever!!!  Toys, books, movies, shows, and games!!

Hemp Jewelry

Better Book Titles - Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammell: Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark - Holy Crap, I remember reading this in elementary school!

Pogs! My little brother won the neighborhood tournament, he was about 9! We got packets of free pogs and slammers thanks to him! In Orange, Ca sometime in the 90's. -Jackiepins2

The Most Nostalgia-Inducing '90s Toys

OMG I was a POG master! I loved playing this and taking others' POGS! I remember having a heavy spikey metal pog that just dominated the tower.


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Original Aladdin & Jasmine "Barbie" dolls.

(Aladdin & Jasmine Barbie Hey, there was this one time that the Disney Barbies actually LOOKED like the characters. I had this Jasmine, btw.


Nickelodeon Gak - in blur or purple - I loved squishing this stuff in my hands and making fart noises by pushing it in the container it came in, haha

90s toys - Google Search

Giga Pets- These were banded from my school in the grade! hahahaha this is why my generation loves the iphone. a grown up giga pet!

POGS! No one is 100% sure about what they were or how you should play with them, but collecting Pogs was all the rage during the early '90s. #ThrowbackThursday

No one is sure about what they were or how you should play with them, but collecting Pogs was all the rage during the early My kids collected these!