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Paint colors from Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams I like the green, maybe for bathroom cabinets?

I just spotted the perfect colors!

"Modern Chic" by redgrover black, blue, brown, charcol, chic, cream, modern, tan, tiffanys

Palette / Modern Chic :: COLOURlovers

Teal and chocolate brown....with pale green and cream, not yellow of course

Color! | Twist My Armoire

Nice for the guest bathroom. Already have red and gold towels, could do nice neutral browns with that cream for tile and walls...

Design Seeds® | for all who ❤ color | sunny yellow

cream, gray and brown color schemes | Warm Vanilla Natural color scheme | Boutique Design Studio

Warm Vanilla Natural color scheme - Red Peach Designs

Pink, Cream, Rose, Brown/Warm Grey Color Palette...liking this one a little better for twins' room

Pink, Cream, Rose, Brown/Warm Grey Color Palette

Soft pastel palette that combines coffee, milk and cream shades. Gray and white accentuate warm shades. Ideal for bathroom interiors. In clothes this palette is suitable for evening dresses, business blouses and shirts.

Color Palette Ideas | Page 77 of 133 |

I like the idea of taking coffee out of the cup and onto the cupboard color. morning tones:

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Flora Cupcakes -

Design Seeds® | for all who ❤ color | flora cupcakes

EMILY | you said that you were tired of your family area colors? this is a GREAT website for inspiration. as you know, i love monochromatic or muted color combinations and this is one that would be great in your home. reminds me of cannon beach + works really well with your exterior.

beached tones | for all who ♥ color

Beaded Tones; The second from the left, the lavendarish one, would look grand o a wall that had its baseboards and crown molding done in the second from the right grey/purple.

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Soft, relaxing tones perfect for a high Intimacy value. Also nice for Clarity. #VoiceValues | wheat tones via Design-Seeds | commentary via The Voice Bureau at

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field tones beautiful for a homes color scheme.. boys room, girls room, living room, master bedroom, bathroom...

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Ever need help picking a color palette? Pick your color and it automatically pulls up palettes that include that color!

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Struggling to find the perfect color for something? Try taking a look at the emotions that colors evoke in people before choosing the latest color pallet for a new project.

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Combine these beautiful teal blue colors with your favorite leopard or cheetah print ( use it to the minimum) and voila ! U hav got a simple n elegant combination #Aysha #Fashion #Karachi #Pakistan

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color fall

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The perfect shade of dusk blue

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pantone dusk blue - Google Search

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Dusk blue pantone

Saved from We love the Monaco Blue and Dusk Blue color tones in this Paule Marrot Tiled Area Rug

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This is the perfect color scheme for my home. From Jade Green-Derders. Reminds me of home too. AFS

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Greyed Jade - It sure isn’t easy to ruffle your feathers! Grey tends to be peaceful, and when mixed with shades of green, is sophisticated, intellectual and visionary. People who prefer this shade are calm and quietly nurturing, though there is a tendency to compromise.

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tuscan hues

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