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Love the skin you are in.

chibird: “ Just because something isn’t flawless doesn’t mean it’s not still beautiful. Take good care of your skin and accept your little imperfections.

I love strong women in media!!!!! Thank you Amy Poehler

For our new podcast on fall TV, we talk about "Parks and Recreation"--with a guest star from the Portland Parks and Rec department. (Painting by heymonster)

Skinny vs. Healthy - Miriam @inkmurder tumblr

Lost 10 or 15 lbs during track season because of stress and no one bats an eye. I was clearly too thin and one person even said I looked a lot healthier. Well, I wanted to kick them.

Still working!! When I look at myself now, I see a whole person.

I've never felt better about myself than I do now, and it is because I stopped dividing myself up. I see myself as a whole person, I've accepted my physical flaws and embraced them. My body is mine, and no one else has a say in how it should look.


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Stunning Portraits by Ivan Alifan

Amazing Paintings by Canadian artist Ivan Alifan. Ivan’s greatest passion is art. Each of Ivan’s work has a unique signature. The eye represents the the concept of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, where each individual has a… Continue Reading →