Poele a bois Wilson

I'll have the pellet stove that looks like a gray tumble dryer with random horns, thanks.

Retro modern wood burning stove

The Harrie Leenders Pharos Interior is wood burning stove. The stove is designed to be suspended from the ceiling by an ingenious construction. You can decide install the stove to be fully, partly or not rotatable as desired.

Rais Gabo Wood-burning stove

The Stûv that Dreams Are Made of

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Self-supporting, minimalist wood stove designs by Focus Creations fit seamlessly into modern interiors.

Poele bois skantherm - Turn,Le poele a bois design Poeles et cheminees scandinaves

The Skantherm Turn Stove burns really well and has a handy logstore at one end. But more than that: you can turn the stove as needed so it faces you, wherever you end up sitting in the room, neat eh?

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