Adult students aren’t expected to be perfect, nonetheless, it’s important to look clean and presentable for class. Suiting up in the appropriate dancewear can be expensive and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Cut costs and save time with...

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It can be difficult for adult students to remember the vast ballet vocabulary, especially when some of the sounds and phrases seem to blend together. Here are a handful of terms that can be confusing to the untrained ear, and what makes them different.


So you’re not a kid anymore. You don’t bounce back from a tumble down the stairs, you don’t have lightning fast metabolism, and you wake up each morning with newfound aches and pains. You love going to ballet class, but you’re feeling your age...

Illustrations of Disney Princesses as Ballerinas

Why do ppl think the ribbons go all the way up the leg and hanging out????!!!! ITS RIDICULOUS!!!!!! I'm a dancer and that's NOT how you tie your ribbons and those are not dancing positions!!! This makes me really really mad!!!