come rain or shine....the laundry line

I really love this board.........the pictures put a smile on your face. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do......alot of homes don't ever hang clothes on the line but in my area of the country we do! So if you've never experienced the site.....enjoy these!
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Laundry is not an eyesore! Hang your clothes out to dry. Save energy. Save the planet!

Sunshine Laundry by A. Akers Even laundry can be a thing of beauty if seem through the right eyes and produced by an artist hands.

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"Willa took the idle laundry stick and gave the boiling garments a prod. The day was overcast and cool, but the fire and the rising steam warmed her, dampening the tendrils of hair escaped from her braid." ~ from BURNING SKY

There is something so peaceful about and grounding about hanging out laundry!

laundry I love the memories of my mom's amazing wash, the smell of the country air in the fabric, the grace of the clothes in the breeze, and the feel of it all it total. Such good, good memories of our old farm.

Plans for Building a Clothesline

Plans for Building a Clothesline

gorgeous vintage fabric makes a stunning shabby back yard London Locations Option