Fabric and Memories ....

Fabric and Memories ....

California / I am a crafter of 50 years. Preserving memories, one project at a time!
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Just to show you how fun page tabs can be and how they embellish a junk journal looks!

How to use a page from a magazine in a junk journal. I cut this page out with Harry Potter and double side sticky taped it to the center pages of the signature...leaving the right and left sides open to make them pockets.

Need a masculine theme? I used thin jute rope, wrapped it around twice (incase my grand son fills the book!) and used a pop top from a can of soup as the "key hole" to drop the other end of the rope through. I used an old key I found laying in my "junk drawer" in the kitchen to be what weighs the rope through the pop top.

Flip Through:Junk Journal of Memories "Blue"

To Do List Junk Journal . I just wanted a book to write as I think things instead of lists stuck to the fridge door! Check out the video!