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    Yukata Blues by Karen Johnson. National Juried Show 2015 ~ Canadian Quilters' Association

    National Juried Show 2015 ~ Photo Gallery ~ Canadian Quilters' Association / Association Canadienne de la Courtepointe

    Yume no Ukihashi - stitched and quilted by hand - hexagon quilt. Quilt en tissus anciens japonais. Chambre des Couleurs.

    Chambre des Couleurs

    Things Chinese, 68 x 75", by Bonita McFadden (California). Photo by Quilt Inspiration.

    Quilt Artist Bonita McFadden

    Overlapping Circles quilt by Reynola Pakusich. Empty Spools Seminars 2016.

    Empty Spools Seminars 2016 Session 1

    Hope quilt by Patricia Belyea

    Quilts by Okan Arts

    detail, "Early Spring, Fantastic Blooms..." by Mihoko Tanaka (Japan). 2015 Pacific International Quilt Festival. Photo by Quilt Inspiration.

    Highlights of the Pacific International Quilt Festival - Part 6

    Carp Windsocks, ~42 x 32", by Giny Dixon (Danville, California, USA). Wild Fabrications exhibit, SAQA (sold).

    SAQA Member Art

    Geisha art quilt by Lynda Lasich. Mountain Art Quilters: January's Show and Tell

    January's Show and Tell

    Flying Koi Kites quilt by Le Coin de Sophie as seen at Quilting Board

    Flying Koi kites

    "Friend" by Aileyn Renli Ecob and Jean Jurgenson. Featured Artists, 2015 DVQ show. Photo by Quilt Inspiration.

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    Liisa Teittinen / It`s Snowing Flowers Somewhere. Photo by Vaasa Tilkkupatteristo (Finland): quilt exhibition, 2015.

    Raahen ja Oulun näyttelyt osa 1.

    "Let it Be I" by Bernice Chan. 2012 Festival of Quilts (UK).

    Contemporary Category

    Blue Moon by Mai-Britt Axelsen. Contemporary Quilt (UK). 2011 Festival of Quilts.

    Contemporary Quilt Category

    Ginkgo art quilt by Norma Schlager | Notes from Norma

    New Project

    "Moon Over the Mountain", 24" x 36", quilt by Rebecca Rohrkaste | Flickr

    "Moon Over the Mountain"

    Thread Duets by Barbara Shapel

    A Common Thread

    ‘Wisteria Maiden’ by Jean Ramsay & Carol Fearon. Kimono quilt. Auckland Quilt Guild Inc., 2014 Festival of Quilts.

    Festival of Quilts 2014 - Auckland Quilt Guild Inc

    Cosmic Voyage by Nobuko Miyake. 2014 Canberra Quilters Guild (Australia).

    2014 Members’ Exhibition Results

    Tako Bowl by Wendy Saclier. 2013 Canberra Quilters Guild show (Australia).

    2013 Members’ Exhibition Results

    Kimono series art quilt by Diane Wright

    Diane Wright Art Quilts: GALLERY

    To the Beautiful Mount Fuji, 76" x 76", by the home economics club of Haibara High School of Shizuoka-ken, Japan. International Quilt Week Yokohama - 2014. Featured at Quilters Newsletter.

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    Pi Table Runner, 14 x 94", fabrics and quilting by Lonni Rossi

    Pi Table Runner

    "Imagine the Future" by Reiko Saito, Japan. Photo by Mary & Patch: 2014 Carrefour Européen du Patchwork, St-Marie, France

    Carrefour Européen du Patchwork, St-Marie, France, 2

    Kuniyoshi Carp by Roberta le Poidevin. Contemporary art quilt. Quilters' Guild of the British Isles. 2014 Festival of Quitls.

    Group, Pictorial and Two Person

    Lingering Image, Japan, 44 x 46" by Patty Hawkins. 2011 Quilt National Exhibit at the San Jose Quilt & Textile Museum. Posted at See How We Sew.

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