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Fiber Artist |Associate Professor of Architecture | Architect | Etsy shop: My book: Art Quilt

Architect Frank Gehry quote

Microscopic Wood - Silver Fir Tree - Cell Structure under the Microscope, Macro Photography of Wood Plant

The difference between an universal needle, a quilting needle (sharp point) and a topstitch needle (big eye).

John Hejduk. Three Projects. New York: Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture, 1969.

Mapping 2013 – editorial design layout with circles | typography / graphic design: Jérémy Tourvieille |

Unique Modern Architecture Interior

jean michel basquiat

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Ajay Devar

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Ajay Devar

This is what is capable with our co2 laser machine from Acorn laser cutting and engraving.

Lauren Moriarty - Laser Cut Lace Panels

Mask [Wee peoples culture]. Côte d'Ivoire or Liberia, Bandama River region, 19th-mid-20th century.

A long pincushion attached to a quilted mat that goes under the sewing machine. Quiets the noise and shaking, and gives you a handy place for pins.

Work by Erin Endicott on Textile Design and Designer`s Platform

Haiku 6/ I continue to find myself dawn to the tenants of Wabi Sabi, the beauty of the old, the mystical, used simple things of nature near the end of life’s journey and the earth tones that compose a million different miracles./ m j cunningham