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a woman standing next to a lamp in a room
Quintessence & Co.
Fashion show!! Fashion Show, Dresses With Sleeves, Long Sleeve Dress, Long Sleeve
Fashion show!!
Davide modeling for So Soft!
Davide modeling for So Soft!
two small white dogs sitting on top of a wicker basket
Alpacas and mini alpacas?? Soo Cute
a man standing next to a llama in a field
Rodrigo De La Garza and Quintessence Alpacas Poland
Helena feeding Baby Suri Feeding Baby, Baby Feeding
Helena feeding Baby Suri
two people are sitting at a table with trophies and scarves on it in front of them
Rodrigo De La Garza and Maria Herlinda De La Garza at the Alpaca Show in Germany.
a group of llamas standing in front of a house on a snowy day
Alpacas in the snow
a woman kneeling down next to some llamas
Maria and babies
a herd of white horses grazing on grass in a fenced off area with trees
White group at Quintessence Alpacas
a white lamb standing on top of a lush green field
QAI babies
two white llamas standing in the grass
QAI Alpacas in Germany
a woman standing in front of a display of yarn
Maria Herlinda and her fibers!
two women standing next to each other in front of an enclosure with animals on it
Maria Herlinda de la Garza with Elizabeth Ashford
many different colors of yarn are on shelves
Lanas Merino & Alpaca