Generate Your WiFi Password As A QR Code -- never get asked again... great idea for guest room. Nerdy and I love it.

Generate Your WiFi Password As A QR Code

Generate Your WiFi Password As A QR Code. Never get asked by friends again.great idea for guest room! Or even a small sign in guest room with wifi password would be great!

Self-inking stamp = instant business card. Stick one of these on your key ring and you'll never worry about that missed connection again. With the technology of cell phones and the internet, a business card may seem superfluous - as it's only remaining purpose is to leave an impression with someone. Believe it or not, all you need is the 3/4" design radius of this stamp to do that! Brilliant concept by designer Mikey Burton of Designy Illustration.

Mikey Burton and his brilliance strike again. self inking stamp on your key ring = Instant Business Card

Conversion Rate Optimisation #infographic #Marketing #DigitalMarketing

Conversion Rate Optimisation #infographic

We started to study conversion rate optimisation in detail and implement some of what we learned for our own site and our clients. The results have been really amazing with clients regularly seeing conversion rates in the double digits.

Keep it short and simple... reduce registration form abandonment

How to Optimize Registration Forms [Infographic]

How to optimize registration forms? Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Marketing category. Check out How to optimize registration forms?