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Katya Katiel

Yo! I'm Katya and I created this account to pin stuff I love - yuri, yaoi, KPop, Korean drama (especially 학교2013!!), glee, languages, and more!
Katya Katiel
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Hetalia Russia America

Hetalia Russia America <<I adore all the Cold War fan art


gay girls true love cute lesbian couple relationship romantic romance lgbt lgbtq kisses cuddles and once again: cute af

Junko x Sayaka | Dangan Ronpa | #Cute #Yuri #ShoujoAi #Anime #Novel

Junko x Sayaka

Sun Jing and Qiu Tong

saucefactory: “The above images are from one of my favorite manga series, Their Story by Tan Jiu, which is a lovely, funny, adorable slice-of-life romance between two schoolgirls.

Their Story/ Sun Jing/ Qiu Tong/ Qi Fang

noragamis: “ konnichina: “ One of Chinese manga artist 坛九tanjiu sensei’s masterpieces, a story of two lesbian lovers which is still in planning. The names have just been released yesterday as.

Their Story

sanctuary-for-strange-people: “ New Official Art by TanJiu - Author of Their Story (Tamen de gushi) ”

fem Poland and Lithuania...

fem Poland and Lithuania.IDK that this isn't just regular poland xD