Koti 3:lle, candle light #Iittala Kastehelmi

candle light Iittala kastehelmi tea lights in Grey & Sand, sultry & sexy shades for an ambient atmosphere.

Moomin Mugs, discontinued. Waaah! By Arabia, Finland.

Moomin mug Love, pink

Children and adults alike fall in love with the sympathetic characters of Moomin Valley as created by the author Tove Jansson. The Arabia artist Tove Slotte has designed the delightful Moomin objects in keeping with the original drawings.

absolutely love this! | Lovely Table Collection by Iittala ♥ Чудесна порцеланова колекция от Iittala | 79 Ideas

Iittala pastel colored tableware Sarjaton - Little girl’s hair, baskets and rugs. The Finns have been braiding since forever. Enjoy it in the embossed bowls and mugs.

Love this mug! Iittala - Products - Drinking - Hot drinks - Mug 0.36 L, Letti old rose

Iittala - Products - Eating - Dinnerware - Mug L, Letti old rose