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a painting of a bird wearing a party hat and holding a cake in front of a cactus
Sweet Gravy Studio, Kelley Bentley Ash, folk art
several different types of scissors on display in a room with white walls and flooring
curated contemporary art /// lydia ricci (from scraps)
Lydia Ricci.
someone is drawing on the side of a blackboard with white writing and a yellow marker
Aurelie Maron—Chalk Lettering
Chalk Artist Aurelie Maron: so fun watching her technique
a blackboard with writing on it that has pictures and letters written in white ink
Studio Tour: Artist Emily Snyder. - sfgirlbybay
Studio Tour: Artist Emily Snyder.
a painting of white flowers in a blue vase on a black background with an empty frame
Susan Ashworth 2016 — Bliss
Bliss - What I Love
a painting of a woman with a red hat on her head wearing a dress and earrings
milly — Ali Cavanaugh
Girl with a pineapple earring
an oil painting of the ocean with storm clouds above it and dark blue water below
Little Big — Adam Hall Art
gorgeous oil paintings by Adam Hall.
an oil painting of a large cloud in the sky over a lake with trees on it
Adam Hall.
three stools in front of a painting on the wall
Save the farm painting Vintage stools and an oil painting by Graham Gillmore.
a painting of a chicken with flowers on it's head and the words, swedish floriss hen
Christopher Park Gallery :: Folk & Outsider :: For the Wall :: Sweet Gravy Studio :: Sweet Gravy 10x8 Swedish Flower Hen WP821 SOLD
Sweet Gravy 10x8 Swedish Flower Hen WP821 SOLD Southern folk artist, Kelley Bentley Ash her work and her sentiment about "painting another for free..." :)
an abstract drawing of a house in the grass
the artwork of scott olson and his studio, kompression graphics
Works by Scott Olson" Intaglio means “below the surface” and includes such processes as etching, drypoint, and aquatint..."