Happiness - too stinkin cute!

A Picture is Worth... Elephant Having Fun

Look at this elephant taking a shower. Now look at your life. Now back at the elephant. And back at your life. Cry a little because you're not as happy as this shower-taking elephant.

Gustav Klimt

For clarity, this painting is often attributed to Klimt, but was not painted by him. This painting, 'Freya's Tears' was painted by French artist Anne-Marie Zilberman in the style of Klimt.

A baby Pudu, the world's smallest species of deer.

A baby Pudu, world's smallest species of deer, Bristol Zoo Gardens, UK.


old habits die hard, boxer love. i have a feeling this is EXACTLY what my boxer puppy will do

Aspen Rain by Justin Reznick are the colors of my living space.the colors of nature enhanced.

alexis marcou

Alexis Marcou is an amazing artist from Larisa, Greece. Here is a awesome showcase of drawings by Alexis Marcou for your inspiration.

Hayloft Cathedral

But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? Hayloft Cathedral by livinginoz

colors: shot by Abby Powell

I love this! Blossom tree and a vintage car make it look like a perfect spring picture

Photographs of Sunsets as Reflected through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright  http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/04/photographs-of-sunsets-as-reflected-through-shattered-mirrors-by-bing-wright/

New York photographer Bing Wright captured these stunning images of sunsets reflected in broken mirrors. The simple use of mirror to re.

By shifting the energy you project onto even one seemingly inconsequential encounter, you then shift the vibration you project onto the macrocosm of your world  --Rasha  (art;michael.shapcott)

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